Thankful and Feeling MSc-ish

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

*feeling rather smug*

I just came back from BATC collecting this *points up* and the official transcript.

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

To finally see the certificate and to hold it, caressing my embossed name and the degree awarded to me, it's just an overwhelming feeling.

All those long hard 3 years. The weekends I had to pry myself away from the the little girls, slogging away and sometimes nodding through the 10-hour lectures. The sacrifice we all made. MrGart had to fend for the kids by himself, often stashing them with the maid at those playlands that costs a bomb, on days I had to attend lectures.

The wee hours of the nights I spent poring over the assignments and books and project materials. The frequent sneaking out of bed, trying not to awake Ariz but he'd woken up anyhow, sensing I was not with him and the cycle of nursing/study/sneak out began again.

The days I walked into lectures with a huge tummy carrying Ariz.

But it wasn't all that gloomy.

I made tremendous friends. I made great contacts. And I had GREAT, GREAT fun. It's not half truth. That's the truth.

I love the lectures. I thrive in that environment. I love the simulation games we played. I love the lecturers, hmm well 7 ot of 9 at least. And most of all, all the lectures, they kinda transported me back to lectures at Reynolds C9 Hall of UMIST.

After 10 years being back in Malaysia, hearing the accents of my British lecturers and their quirky and often off-the-cuff remarks just brought me back to those wintry days at Manchester. I love the fact that they made me think out of the box and I love the chats we had during breakfast/lunches/teas and sometimes dinners over how life had been for me then. Reminiscence.

But most of all, I love the fact that I finally got the degree.

Hmm. Enough gloating eh?

But now's the payback time, I guess. I just completed my 10 years of contractual bond of service to the Kompeni, now with this, I'll be here for the next uhmmm 5 years. Yikes!

I ain't worrying about that now. For now, I'm just exhilarated to finally have 6 letters after my name. He he he.

Gartblue BSc. (Honours) Comput@tion, UM1ST; MSc Engineering Business M@nagement, W@rwick University.

*smug still*

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Lana said...

you earn it, babe. congrats. betul ye, the sacrifices we all made.

elisataufik said...

erks this reminds me i belum pegi amik my scrolll :P

zan said...

congrats!!! you deserve it dear :)

agak2 ada promotion tak lepas nie?

mamarawks said...

waahhh.. congrats!!!
berbaloi with all sweats and tears (if there is laaa..)

you should celebrate... iftar kat restoren keee...

Gart the Blue said...

lana .. thanks dear ... sacrifices, mmg banyak .. weekends la.

elisa .. what? how long has it been like ?

zan .. promotion yelek ! .. all the blood, sweat and tears mean nothing. just a pice of paper .. sedey la pulak!

mamawarks .. banyak tears .. especially Adani and Ariz who missed their nursing sessions.. taik mata pun banyak sbb tak cukup tidur ..

Intan Saleh said...

ouh lala.. congrats, babe! dah master.. kita degree pun blum ada. :p

btw, zidni tanya: is that MBA with emphasis in engineering mgmt?

Anonymous said...

Clap...clap...clap...Congrats to you gart and also the family kan..kan...after all their sacrifices.


rizal said...

wah congrats eina.. pi la mintak naik gaji ;)

Gart the Blue said...

intan combi ... saya master aje .. u are and will heal people .. lain banyak tu .. jawapan kepada zidni .. itu bukan MBA .. Kompeni saya tak bagi buat MBA kalau umur belum mencecah 45 tahun .. he he he .. it's Engineering campur the Management .. but MSc la tapinya ..

butterflutter .. thanks dear .. and you guys too for reading my whiny pathetic entries during those times ..

amigo/rizal .. nak mintak naik gaji dengan Kompeni? jangan harapla .. dia kata Tahniah aje. gaji seperti biasa .. but I guess during promotion, i have an edge la .. itu saje ..

nae said...

Wow....congrats dear. Cepat order frame yg paling mahal sekali - to compensate the xtra 5 yrs bond

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on your well-earned success...since MSc is only half way to PhD...any thought of finishing all the way?
-The Guy that Outraced you to work today-

Cherry said...

kenduri is in order, terutamanya untuk jiran-tetangga :)

mosh said...

congrats! celebrate sampai almost half a day spent in my room ehehehe.

err talking about my room, care to help me clean up this very big messy room now?

BDP said...

akhirrnyaa... S2 juga ibu gartblue... selamaaaat yaaaaaahh.. hihihi..

famyGirl said...

*applause and tabik spring*

congratulations babe!!! :D
i agree with cherry. bila nak buat kenduri dan jemput jiran tetangga? ;)

Gart the Blue said...

nae .. ha ha ha .. frame yang paling mahal .. ka ka ka .. mmg lama itu 5 tahun .. but then again, pejam celik, pejam celik, tiba-tina dah habis ..

TheGuyWhoOutracedMeToWork ..lemme guess .. must be the other PHd holders around la kan .. hmm .. halfway but seriously, I don;t think I'm PhD material ..

cherry & famy .. amboi amboi jiran tetangga ku yang kucintai .. insyallah .. lepas raya can ?

mosh .. clean up with your room? la .. get that little toy biy sho shares your room to clean it up la babe ! *larii*

diah .. thanks diah .. it was hard but not it seemed manageable. yeahhh!!