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Friday, September 19, 2008

Pictures are courtesy of Friends of Masjid Bukit Jelutong.

Whooaaa !!

That's my first expression upon reading the email on the commencement of the baby-sitting cum entertainment for kiddies service at the Masjid so mothers can pray in peace and not feel too guilty for bringing the kids too.

And I whoooo-ed some more cos for once I made a difference of a simple post in my blog. Read We Braved the Masjid and Not Last Night. It's something I felt so strongly about but have no means to enable it. Until this year, when Ariz is already 3.5 years and as what mothers would say, life begins when your last child hits 3. Ha ha !

Anyhow. My post travelled a bit and got into mainstream Masjid BJ's communication loop and quickly gathered momentum and last night it came into being. Whoever says I only blog for petty issues. I'm so proud to be a jemaah at my masjid. It's the community, it's just the can-do attitude all around.

Well, we arrived last night and went straight to the room. Hasnah & Dr Saadiah stood with bags of goodies in their hands. Unfortunately, my kids are the clingy type and Adani refused to stay. I made Aliya & Asha stay with Adani and I had to take Ariz along for Isya'.

The reluctant Adani.

Before Terawikh, I snuck out and borrowed Aliya and get her and her friend to cajole Ariz to go there. Yay! And both Adani & Ariz stayed in the class throughout the Terawikh.

I knew this was a sure-fire way to get Ariz to stay.

Ariz & rakan sebaya.

Adani still looking reluctant.

I think last night was a HUGE success. For the past week or more, I have persevered and brought them all to the masjid every night and have resorted to let off Aliya to keep the rowdy Ariz in check. There were still kids milling about behind the safs at the anjung, but it'll be a matter of time before they all get whisked over for fun times with Auntie Hasnah & Dr Saadiah. Meanwhile, I can pray in peace and quiet.

9 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mosh said...

that is one long face of adani ehehe. and after this, unfortunately can't use those kids as an excuse eh?

butterflutter said...

Yesss.agree starts when the youngest turn 3.
Gonna miss the baby smells but I shd enjoy my freedom now.
Tq for motivating me gart. I am going to the surau tonight, insyaallah.

Good luck to mosh though ...*lariiii

mamarawks said...

adani jadi fav kat BJ website tu.. byk gambar dia...

good utk semua org..

mosh said...

takpa takpa. bersenang-senang dulu *tu la kawin lambat lagi*

Gartblue said...

mosh .. very long face adani .. no excuse honey! no more.

butterflutter .. yup .. miss the baby smells, but I'll smell someone else's babies then .. now's the time to jadikan diorang orang pulak .. ha ha .. I had my misgivings, but alhamdulillah, all been put to rest and we're happy campers at the masjid.

mamarawks .. haah kan? banyak pulak .. cuba-cuba la sengih sikit barula cun ..

mosh .. ha ha .. bersenang-senang dulu .. takpe mosh, in gatherings, i'll be happy to carry any of your babies .. he he he!

elisataufik said...

so you mommies take turns ke apa?

Lollies said...

I am envious of the jamaah in Bukit Jelutong. Indeed this is an example to be emulated. may Allah bestow abundant of barakah to the organisers and those who are supporting them (including you). Aku sungguh kagum dan bangga.

famyGirl said...

saya tumpang berbangga dengan inisiatif ini, seriously. unlike yourself, i have not prepared myself (and kids) to start terawih at masjid this year. insyaAllah next year dah pasang hajat (unless terberanak #3 before that hee hee).
if all goes well, will see you and brood next year, insyaAllah.

Gartblue said...

elisa .. volunteering & taking turns .. at the moment .. I guess if sambutan sangat hangat, they were maybe plans to hire sitters ..

lollies .. i know you'd feel kagum & bangga .. me too. sometimes things seem a little out of reach, until they start happening.

famy .. pasang hajat eh ? katun la you ni .. yup .. insyallah we vogue mommies will bump into each other next Ramadhan .. btw, you're closer to rabung surau kau, which I've never been to.