Not Last Night

Thursday, September 4, 2008

No we did not go to the Masjid last night. After I was so gung-ho about it. I posted my previous entry in the UmmikuSayang group which was almost out of character for me and received mixed feedbacks about the issue.

Ninuk patted me at the back and cheered me on and I so love her for that. She seems to understand my worries and if she could learn to just relax and take one step at a time, then maybe I should too. After all, she's the one with FOUR boys and I only have Ariz. I'd have to say that Ninuk has been one pillar of inspiration for me, which is a big thing since Ninuk is really small in size but great in impression. He he !

But there are different views too.

Lily seems to think that despite our good intentions, rowdy kids are a distraction. Fullstop. One good point I think she raised was that although us, mothers, are used to and have learnt to ignore the noise and the antics of our kids while we pray, not all are like us. Particularly the elderly ones or those who have forgotten how kids are just being kids.

Irda, I think tried to marry them both and she said that to weigh between distracting other jemaah and not to wait out too long until it's just too late to assimilate masjid with the kids. Aha! How's that? How do I know?

I figured that the only way to know is to jump.

Insyallah we'll brave ourselves again and join the masjid's terawikh soon.

Last night, we had to miss it cos Adani was throwing a long drawn-out princessy fit. I found out from Naimah that there's a mini bazaar ramadhan in front of Mai-din and we went there to get air aje. But ended up with 4 more bags of non-air stuff. On the way back, Adani insisted that I read a book for her. Which would be okay but I seriously can't read in a moving car. I'd get a headache that wouldn't go away without the help of the friendly pan-a-dol and I'd go all grumpy if i get headaches. Lagipun, the ride home lasted like 4 minutes. Bukan jauh pun.

But of course, being the princess that Adani is. She scrunched up her face and wailed and whined and teared up and threw herself on the floor. I tried to console her once we're home and I could start reading again but she's already launched her don't-touch-me-i'm-bitter-as-hell mood. She stared and she whined and she wailed and she cried. Girls are such great divas and drama queens.

By Maghrib, she was still at it and no amount of pujuk could do it. I just ignored her after few attempts. Magically, around 7:50pm, she stood up and smiled and joined dinner. Ceh!

Ariz was in his sugar-high last night. I baked a batch of big, fat, chewy chocolate chip cookies the night before and I suspected that was the root of the sugar. He ran in circles, he smacked everyone. He climbed the chairs and tables and screamed at the top of his lungs and then he yelled some song away. Obliterating havoc we had last night. One was wailing. The other was like lipas kudung.

So, MrGart went to the Masjid without us and we all did our terawikh at home, amidst chaos.

I guess some nights are just on eh?

10 growls by fellow growlers ...:

theotheraj said...

aku on, esok and sabtu malam


mosh said...

eheheh. aku baru nak komen along that line gak.

Gart the Blue said...

eee .. screw & mosh ... puasa la babe !

butterflutter said...

Frankly, I never have problem with afiq going to masjid or surau but the 2 girls memang tak boleh duduk diam :-P

I so wanna go to the nearer, newer surau (air cond sejuk giler gitu). Insyaallah we'll go together gether bila org dah tak ramai sgt. Now ni ayah je lah pegi sorang for terawikh and subuh.

Lana said...

my third boy tu almost everytime i'm around him, dia mcm lipas kudung. i have that same effect as sugar kot eh? i habis idea nak handle him. suggestion?

OndeOnde said...

I know how does it feel when people talking about solat terawikh berjemaah at the masjid! I used to bit my lips too because I was maidless..when the maid is around, Alhamdulillah dapat lah mengimarahkan masjid. Rasa seronok tak terkata!

Perhaps, I could not relate your problem with mine because most of my kids boleh kata jenis "sememeh", manja lebih and tak reti nak explore more than one foot from my feet. Tapi bila sememeh, when orang bangun nak solat and tinggal dia kat saf belakang together with other kids, dia nangis.

Yes, I used to bring books...menjadi lah sekejap taktik tu..

About children bising, I have to admit even myself yang dah biasa dengan kids running around kat rumah, I feel a bit of distraction kalau budak2 ni terlampau sangat bisingnya like last night!! But most kids ni bising dia tak lah for the whole period of solat tu kan? Sabar jer lah kita pun.

Last year, the imam would keliling the masjid sambil bawak rotan and sekali-sekala dia sebat lantai masjid giving warning to kids, taktik tu menjadi!! No teenagers yang chit-chat, bersms di kaki lima masjid, no kids running around..pendekata PEACE!

Tapi I observed this year, the imam dah pindah tempat lain and the new one may be tak Ya Allah..bingitnyaaaaa..dengan budak2 lari sana, lari sini..kadang nak terlanggar dengan kita..I have to admit, agak distracting.

Yang I boleh suggest, you may bring them to masjid - elok pun introduce anak2 to the masjid's environment. Bawak jer! Dulu, masa anak2 I nangis, I still bring jugak..lama2 they get used and now Alhamdulillah I dah tak risau dah..I boleh solat kat saf depan and only cari them bila dah habis. Perhaps, my kids are bigger now, and Faris dah solat with Ayah dia.

Sometimes kids ni bila dia suddenly look at the new environment macam terkejut sekejap so they want to be included..lama2 nanti dia tak heran dah! Itu yang nak kena bawak tu.

You can bring them perhaps not everyday, and when the time kat rumah tu buat jugak solat jemaah with them. That was what I did masa we were maidless..first to get used with solat banyak2 rakaat.

Kat masjid I, ada orang siap bawak buai enjut and fan for her baby!!

Good Luck!!!

Ummu Layth said...

my 2 cents are... i think it depends on what your goals are.

1. nak membiasakan budak2 ngan masjid?
- then why does it have to be in ramadhan. isya' + tarawih + witr = can be up to 27 rakaat kalau masjid you buat 20 tarawih. no sensible person would have high expectations for kids to be well behaved for that long period of time
- kalau ini tujuannya, baik bawa derang ke masjid for other prayers especially yg wajib.. kalau bukan ramadhan pun bleh. it's not that long but they learn abt solat jamaah prayer and the fact that bkn bulan ramadhan saje kita gi masjid

2. if it's for your own experience to go to the masjid, maybe bleh take turns with the other moms who can miss out 2 rakaat each to control the kids a bit. tak perlu buat apa..just observe them playing outside the praying area so that derg tak de la main kejar2 kat kwsn jamaah tu and hush hush kan derg when appropriate

cucu2 Rasulullah frequently played around him during prayers.. siap panjat2 atas dia lagi. khusyu' dlm solat comes from the inside of someone, not the external environment. i know org kita kurang gemar bebudak ke masjid.. tp just be assured that you're doing nothing wrong in terms of the Prophet's sunnah. ;)

Lollies said...

hey aku baru nak sebut benda yg sama.

bebudak ni (because aku selalu berjalan-jalan sana sini) dah biasa masuk masjid and sembahyang jemaah. zachary still runs around. so at least I know their readiness.

Cherry said...

may be you shd start with iftar at masjid, maghrib, makan nasi, some free time for the kids to berlari2 di perkarangan masjid, then isya', then do tarawih 4 - then cabut. after a few weeks baru tambah tarawih jadi 8 dan seterusnya. good luck !

zarina said...

salam sis,
may I ask? r u UKS member? i accidently browse your blog and saw cookies u made. is the cookies crunchy? i try to make choc cookies last week but.. alamak, macam lemau ajer .. sigh

ops.. forgot to introduce my self. I'm Zarina..