Full Moon And Howling Kids

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We came home last night from the Masjid, eager to dig into the soft kaya buns I bought from my office and me, to plonk myself on the sofa watching Lipstick Jungle.

It was a short drive.

When we entered Kubah area, it was pitch black. Hmmm..

Driving into our street. Still pitch black and some neighbours were already outside, escaping the heaty indoors. A blackout!

Daymmmnnn !!

I was in telekungs, hokeh! And it was getting hot. Chitchatted with Raz and then after a while, I went and changed into a tudung instead. The street quickly turned into a street event with parents chatting and kids with torchlights laughing and chasing each other in circles.

It wasn't really pitch black as the moon was very bright. It was 16th Ramadhan and it's full moon. Alhamdulillah. We could see the surface of the moon clearly and it was an awesome sight. When was the last night you gazed at the moon, marvelling in its glory ? I couldn't remember.

Anyhow. By 11:45pm, Adani was already sleepy and clingy but the lights were still out. So, we decided to take a drive around to just knock the kids into slumber in the air-cond. Alhamdulillah, by the time we reversed the car, the lights came back on! Lega!

Night night ! I love you, my air-conditioner although you're taking too much of our budgeted 400kWh a month limit!

5 growls by fellow growlers ...:

elisataufik said...

patut boleh main bunga api, pasang pelita.. kan syiok..

mamarawks said...

"I was in telekungs, hokeh"..

Nasib baik bolan posa.. hantu seua kena ikat hahahahah....

mosh said...

it's really nice once in a while to be like au naturale like that.

you know fifi already calculated the difference in bill for 400kWh and 401kWh? it's RM8 by the way.

Anonymous said...

only in telekung?

Gartblue said...

elisa .. betul tu .. tapi tak beli lagi la masa tu .. rugi rugi ..

mamarawks .. itula pasal .. I takut ada yang menjerit je karang .

RM8? Wow! That's so the very punitive ... ish ish .. I hope the tee-en-bee people wil listen to the society's lament of hardship. isk!

theotheraj .. hmmm .. your imagination is WAYYY too active, babe!