Thumbs Up for PLUS

Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm impressed.

Remember I mentioned in the last post about me being slapped with a RM44.80 fine by PLUS, deducted in my TnG card ? Amin this morning told me that it took them 5 whole months to refund him. Yikes!

Well, I was at their counter near Subang during lunch. I was prepared to tell my sad story of being hustled and jostled, and my Swift being a short car, the SmartTag didn't register bla bla bla.

So, I was pleasantly suprised when the nice lady behind the counter smiled and handed me a form to fill in. She then proceeded to tell me that if I needed the refund quick, I could go to KLSentral and get cash on the spot. Here, they would post the cheque in a month. A month!

I was alright with a month. She zerorised my TnG balance which was negative 30.40 and I topped up the card and she said the cheque of RM13.40 will arrive in a month.


In 10 minutes I was out the door and headed back to the office.

But then again, thinking back, does this happen VERY often ? Or worse, senangnya la hai nak tipu. I'm not sure how one can beat the system on a TnG or SmartTag, but the fact that it's fairly easy to get refunds.


Alhamdulillah. Life can go on.

p/s A few years back, I had the same predicament and was slapped with a RM30 fine. I never did ask for a refund for reasons, I cannot remember now. Sheeshh!

3 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Lana said...

bummer! itulah nasib yg melanda perahu-perahu kecil. selamat berbuka!

elisataufik said...

It happened to us once.
We 'teet'ed at Subang, tapi bila sampai ipoh(?) to 'log out' it said we didnt 'log in'. So a guy came, asked which toll we came from and deducted the correct amount.
Settled right there and then, takde kena fine apa pun..

Cherry said...

it happened a few times on me. never remember kena fine ke apa. tapi duit dlm the card jadi zero. then kena pi opis depa, isi borang, beberapa minggu lepas tu dapat cek. may be some people will lie lah kan, but don't know lah ... terpulang.