Head of Security Again. Sigh!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

MrGart is away. Until tomorrow on a type test trip. I groaned and I whined but he went still.

Well, I mulled over whether we could do Terawikh at the masjid. The previous night, when we went there, the kids behaved relatively well. And the jemaah's thinning at this period of the Ramadhan. I guess, people are visiting relatives or staying home to lend morale support to the UPSR kids. BTW, congratulations to the UPSR candidates and also to the parents. Glad you guys made it out in one piece. Hope the mind is not in tatters!

Anyhow, I decided against the masjid and prayed at home instead.

Last night, as usual, I got all girls to sleep in my room. Ariz is already a permanent resident there, anyway. I was a bit more nervous last night after the sad, scary news of the botched robbery turned ugly at D'Kayangan yesterday morning. Al-Fatihah to the mum and I hope the girls and the whole family would remain strong in the face of such grief.

On a different note, I made these recently. These 50 cookies were for Hanna Sofea's birthday party at school, MrsZee's chirpy, pint-sized 5-year old. We personally delivered them cos she has just delivered her 4th child, Az-Zahra about 3 weeks ago.

Oohhh newborns smell so good.

A close-up of the the Birthday Dress.

In pink. Notice the embossed message. Yeahhh! New toys!

And white. I love the white ribbons and the solver dragee.

Anyway. Congratulations MrsZee on the new bundle of joy. Heh! Sama kita nampaknya. And to Hanna Sofea, hope the party was fun. I know you are.

5 growls by fellow growlers ...:

zan said...

such a horrifying news kan? she was like brutally (sp?) murdered..

weiiheii comeilaa itu cookies...love the writing, very skillful ;)

Gart the Blue said...

zan .. I baca .. sungguh menakutkan .. I couldn't imagine if it happens to us, with small kids .. gerun!!

mrszee said...

thanx gart...mmg sofea and kengkawannya sangat teruja dengan those cookies....

oohhhh...sungguh mengantuk. was up since 3 am and haven't had the chance to at least get a short nap since then...adusss.....matakuuuu....

Cherry said...

MsGart, aku lupa lah my friendly neighbourhood baker. the 1st week of ramadhan uqbah tu nak besday lagi sekali kat sekolah. melilau le aku cari kek yang dia nak. aku terlupa terus padamu.

tak pe sekarang akan kuingat, how many day notice you need aaa ?


mosh said...

*overdoses of pink*

but nice, nonetheless