Helleweeen Night At BJ

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Disclaimer: I don't subscribe to the Halloween's idealogy, ever.

A bunch of kids swarmed my house last night in costumes. Terkejut badak makcik. Nasib baik I was properly dressed. Trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood apparently. Behind them the chaperones appeared, MissShell in afro wig and MissNiceHouse in err normal garb.

So, I scrambled for candies of which I have none. Luckily I remembered a couple of boxes of chocolates from the Raya hampers and they attacked those. My kids were ecstatic and upon invitation by their friends, all four promptly tagged along, dragging me too.

There were about 17 kids of all ages from at least 4 houses and they all knew each other. Even Adani has her friends from school. Ariz came equipped with his horse stick (for want of a better word) and his cowboy hat. He gallopped around to the delight of the other kids.

We went to 3 other houses, strangers I thought, except that the kids were saying "This is Dini Sofea's house" and all. We, chaperones got to peer inside ppl's houses while the kids devoured their candies. One house even have a pool, wahhh! Ariz dah teruja dah. The kids even got some duit Raya from a house who ran out of sweets.

Once we ran out of houses of friends, we called it a night around 10-ish. Aliya, Asha and Adani had those satisfied, fun look on their faces and Ariz err was on my hips, along with his horse stick cos one of the bigger boys spooked him with their scary masks.

I thought this unplanned night walk went extremely well, maybe because of its unplan-ness too and I'm just thankful that I live in such a great neighbourhood and my kids have friends all around them.

Well, the girls are making plans for next year. Gulp!

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