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Monday, November 12, 2007

Yup. Raya month is over. Phew! I now have a shot at reducing my weight now! Kalau pegi open houses tu makan tak ingat dunia .. no self-restraint at all. Sekarang, rasakan panahan asmara gmoks! Ha ha ha!


First of all, I should congratulate Gina on getting herself hitched and married on Saturday. I'm oh so happy for you. Truly I am and I'm still kicking myself for not being able to attend the glorious wedding at Ipoh. Sorry babe, will make it up to you later, kay! Dengan ucapan .. ehem ehem .. Selamat Pengantin Baru, semoga panjang umur dan bahagia selalu. Dah halal ni, sila kan la! Ish!

Well, next stop. We were at 4 open houses over the weekend. Meen's, Ita's, MrGart's older colleague who lives in BJ and who's youngest son sits next to Aliya in school and MrGart's friend's second wifey's house. There! I should tell you that Aliya was hiding behind my back the whole time we were at her boyfriend's house. Malu tak kira. That Farhan pun bukan main terliat sana terliat sini. BTW, if Aliya reads this, I can tell you she'll flip.

And the second wifey's house was gorgeous. With fish pond and all. They did a doa selamat & marhaban to celebrate the birth of their child and the aqiqah kambing .. giler punya sedap. Nak amik lebih sikit, malu!

Then yesterday was a BIG day for Adani. Her first ever stage concert was held at Kelab Darul Ehsan and her Titanic (Ninuk's still baffled why the school named a class over a sunk ship!) class went up second. ANd Adani was FLAWLESS!

She smiled. She twirled. She hooked hands with her cutesy boy partner and perfectly went into circles together. No flips, no accidental bumps. Just perfect twirling. And she's smiling all the time. She posed for pictures and she waved at the crowd when her turn's over. She's a real angel! I'll upload the pictures soon. It was such a great feeling seeing your baby on stage, performing a dance. Oh so proud a parent I was yesterday and always.

By the way, since this is beginning to be a rojak entry, I should mention that I've been pretty snappy for the past few months with the kids. But yesterday, at the concert, we were behind this much older couple whose daughter is in Std 2 and they looked like perfect parents. Nurturing, smiles all around and I made a resolution that I will not become the nagging, erratic, short-fused, perpetually angry, snappy, unstable parent that I am. I'm changing. Insyallah! I pray for your guidance, Ya Allah!

Opps .. to all the CBN'ers oldies, I met Mrs Manuel yesterday. She's the principal at CBN throughout the five years I was there. She was also the principal who bit my head off for leaving the school for Ser1 Puteri and who bit the rest of my head off when 9 days later, we (my twin & I) crawled back to CBN. He he he! What to do? I love the school too much and did I tell you, we had to sleep in dorms? With other people? Oh sungguh tragis! Wasn't that actually. We wanted to go to eMRSeM Beseri which my father veto-ed, so in retaliation, we bowed to his demand and got our wishes days later. Anak-anak yang sungguh mencabar minda mak bapak! Psst .. to parents of twins, b every wary, twins are cute, but they are wayyy too shrewd!

Well, I hope this Rojak has enough perisa. Signing off now to make my coffee.

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ninuk said...

i've a few of Adani's big smile big eye photo ! i was in the changing room most of the time, except during the show. anakku dah lah duk dlm "sinking ship" class pastu jadi gajah ! hvg said that next year ntar kat sekolah tu jugak :o)