End of My Golfing Days

Thursday, November 22, 2007

True. True. True.

The end of my glorious golfing days ended today. A total of 1 month and 2 days of actually holding a golf club.

3 years back, at the height of MrGart's fascination in golf, I was intrigued. I've always shared interests with him, sports-wise.

When he was hooked on snooker, I was there on the snooker table, aiming for the cue ball using the spider cue. We went for countless snooker sessions at Peterborough downtown, sometimes until the wee hours of the morning. We watched Jimmy White and whoever-that-redhead guy was. Now, he's off snooker, I think since I don't think he knows where his prized cue is at this point in time and I think the belly's making his target more difficult these days..

When he was into football, well he was never off it, ever. I followed him to countless matches, Manchester United matches and even in Europe, during our Inter-Railing backpacking trip, we walked all over Milan for Juventus' home ground.

So, naturally I thought I'd be great at golf. Bought the set. Practised at the local driving range. Missed more than I actually hit. By a yard. Went to our neighbourhood's pitch and putt for a session. Failed miserably. Thought a bigger course would do me justice. So we were at uUPeeM course, full of mosquitoes and I was a disaster.

Thought I'd give it another round but was abruptly cut short when I found out I was preggy with Ariz. There!

So, a week ago, I listed the golf set on eeBay and oh my! It was a hit. In the end I had 6 people actively outbidding each other 52 times to get their hands on it. I asked for RM300 and ended up with RM557.50. Yay!

Anyway, today casa1238's friend came to pick up the set he bought for his wife and he's very kind too, even inviting me to his home in Miri, if I happen to be by.

Well, I hope casa1238's wife will be happy with the golf set. I hope she can put it to a better use than I was ever. As for me, no more thinking of golf. I'm into baking now. Something the gals at my office appreciate better than golf.

2 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Miss H said...

gartblue fascination to baking makes a lot of people happy especially me and dark choc...hehehehehehe....CUP CAKES...BROWNIES...BANANA BREAD...YUMMY!!!!!!!

Gartblue said...

missH .. yay! nasib baik ada korang .. boleh jadik guinea pig aku ?