Just One Measly Hour

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One teeny-weeny measly hour of no TV in the house last night bought me :

1. 2 repeatedly read books with Ariz & Adani.

2. Completed and checked kumon worksheets.

3. Discussion on what Ayisha name means and Aliya regaling us of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)'s marriages, the ages of the wives and all.

4. Sirah revision for Aliya's KAFA's exam today.

5. Sleeping kids by 10:00pm

6. Nursing & sleeping Ariz by 9:45pm and Mummy's explore into troposphere, about Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit & whathisname Celcius. In case you're wondering I'm still on my Bill Bryson's A Small History of Everything. Exactly my type of reading pleasures.

6. 2 hours of Internet time for Mummy.

This is soo gonna get permanent.

psstt even when the curfew's lifted, I was too engrossed and missed House at 11pm. Cehs!

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