Adani In Concert

Monday, November 19, 2007

As promised, here are 3 pictures of Adani, courtesy of Ninuk a.k.a Uqbah's Mak. Our pictures are so glap that if I post them, sungguh kurang berkesan.

Adani, in her typical pose. In the dressing room before the performance.

Uqbah the elephant & Adani the dancer. BTW there's only 7 girls and 15 boys in her class, so I guess she's entitled to 2 boys at any given time. Heh!

Stretching before her Madagascar.

My baby's a big girl. *wipes eyes*

3 growls by fellow growlers ...:

JoKontan said...

Whoaa Ha haaa,.

Look at those eyes.. Wuu huuu.

(armed with those, she is entitled for 2 boys..)

BDP said...

jelingan yang power. Cayalah!

ninuk said...

anak dara kau tu kan ... memang ready je nak di potret ! anyway ... aku le mak elephant tu, shhhh sungguh tak glamer, at least kau jadi mak dancer.