Bye Bye Birdie

Friday, November 23, 2007

Remember I blogged about the moment of insanity MrGart suffered and in that instant agreed with the kids to get a bird?

It was an English budgie and I'm still not sure whether it was a he or a she. I never really had a chance to snap a pic of that bird that set us back RM300, that did not include the fanciful cage and the paraphernalia the girls got that little Birdie.

Birdie's wings were clipped, cruelly, I suspect so that it would be able to fly very high and very far either. I knew this AFTER the purchase, lest I'd throw one of my thou-shalt-not-hurt-God's-creatures sermons.

Anyway, wings clipped, Birdie was supposed to be tame and to make it even tamer, we're supposed to take it out of its cage daily, caress it, talk to it and generally shower it with love. Theoretically, that it. The truth is that, ALL the girls are afraid of any animals or creatures. Aliya would crouch her shoulders and in constant position to scramble should the bird attacks her. Adani would stand away from the bird and just instructs MrGart what she would like to have done on the bird. Ayisha is yet another bird-lover from afar.

Ariz is excluded in this picture cos we don't want him NEAR the bird. As much as he likes it, he's fearless too and if Birdie just walks around, he'd tailgate it and tries to hold it. I've had images of a crushed Birdie, neck twisted in a sordid manner, mangled by my schweet little prince. *shudder*

Anyway, this is a long way of telling you that it was a mistake. I hate pets. I don't have a fondness over animals, which I did have when I was child. I guess when you switch roles from a cared-for to the one that cares for, another liability is what you're trying to avoid. Birds are smelly, and I have a soft heart. I don't like the fact that Birdie lives in a cage. I feel it's so cruel. And I don't like to be the one feeding it when it's hungry and having to think of it everytime. But for the kids, I gave in. That, and also they wanted either a hamster, dog or a cat. So, a bird is a HUGE compromise.

Well, my parents and sisters dropped over at my house and suddenly we realised that Birdie's gone. It's highly unlikely that the bird opened his own cage from OUTSIDE, so someone did it for him. That someone has not been smoked out yet, maybe ever.

Well, MrGart and others for a search and rescue. But how the heck do you find a bird? 2 hours later, MrGart spotted it high up on a branch of a tall tree's 30 meters from the house. He called to her lovingly, which I laughed it off. Soon, it flew to another tree and since it was getting dark and us, being clueless on how you entice a bird to get back into its own cage, we caved in. If it's meant to be, Birdie will come right back to our lawn.

It's been 5 days and the cage's quiet and Birdie is hopefully happier on a branch of a tree somewhere. He's an imported British budgie, so I guess he'd better learn the local dialect fast, eh?

Me? I'm mourning the loss of Birdie deeply. Sadly. I'll miss him/her.


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