Girly Cuppies For the Girls

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Was up last night till about midnight baking 5 batches of the cupcakes. Then had to wake up this morning about 5am to ice these lil' cuties.

So, by 7 this morning, Adani's taking 34 cuppies, Asha's taking 9 cuppies and Ariz & Aliya can share the remaining 4. Should've taken the pictures while these were not wrapped in clingfilm. Heh! But I was running late and just remembered to snap some pictures to make certain colleagues at work drool. Sungguh kejam!




So, I hope Adani and her 22 classmates would have a grand time celebrating her birthday (a month late) and the Children's Day today. I also hope that Ayisha's is sitting smugly in her class right now, beaming from her 9 gorgeous cupcakes that her Mummy made especially for her and her 8 other friends. I told her that next week I'll make at least 50 cuppies for her friends to celebrate her birthday (she's born on the 1st December, so we'll have to bring it forward), but she insisted to bring some today. So, I hope no girlfriends of hers would be in tears today.And I also hope that Aliya & Ariz would've dived through the cupcakes and not smear them on the sofa. Hehehe!


6 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Nurul Haiza said...

huhuhuhuhuhuhu..kejam sungguh!!!sampai hati tidak membawa cup cakes yang amat menyelerakan itu ke ofis.tapi takpe..lain kali bawa la yek!!!!!

asfinah said...

dia mmg sajer jer nak buat kita terliur, bday kau and cikley nanti kita paksa dia buat okies :)

Gartblue said...

haiza .. hah! padan muka korang! aku mmg kejam .. bnext week aku buat lagi yek?

spinah .. terliur ke? ala kesian ..

Nurul Haiza said...

ooo...besday saya bukan setakat cupcakes tapi kek trus..hehehehehehehe

asfinah said...

spinah looks too close to spinach. tak rela!

btw, u miss the laksa sarawak today hehehehe

Nurul Haiza said...

Sedap laksa sarawak...hahahahahaha...sungguh la rugi tak datang keje... :p