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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sebenarnya takde modal nak ber-blog hari ni.

Opps .. got my first Raya card today. From none other than the infamous Rotidua. Whoaaaa!

Tergezut jugak actuallynya. Thanks honey! You made my day.

Come to think of it. I hardly every get personalised Raya cards these days. The cards do come, but mostly those who owe me money, who are already keeping my money or those who’d like to have my money. Oh sungguh pathetic!

Thanks to the email world and the sms world, we have all gotten more adept at sending out an email than buying a bunch of cards, write a personalised message in them, lick the envelope, lick the stamp on and post them off with receipient in mind, fondly.

I am guilty, alright.

I’ve never been terribly good at keeping acquitances. I have a friend, Idham who still berates me for not calling him or not sending emails or not remembering his birthdays. Or even Faizul who seems to think that if I call him, it must be terribly urgent thing that I need from him.

Perceptions can be wrong.

I may suck at keeping acquitances, but I love them all. And the same goes to you, you and you. Yes, you too right at that corner.

I treasure our friendship, our kinship and I shall never forget you. Muahhh!

p/s kot celah mana pulak this post turned out to be melancholically poetic? Uish! Sah kurang sugar in blood.

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mosh said...

got one myself from roti. punya la cepat sampai. alamak! tak reply lagi...