Losing My Touch

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I dunno why. But lately blogging has lost its appeal to me.

Maybe it’s because of the frustrations of destruction of efx2. Further compounded by the efx2blogs which is inaccessible by me during the working hours. It’s really hair-tearing and frustrating when all I wanna do is post an entry but I don’t even see the box when I can type the entry. Just the title. Sigh!

Moshimoshi said that I should post entries from home. Maybe I should but home is where I unwind and collect stories to blog about. Home is also a hard to blog venue, simply because I will have too many people calling me all over the house. Unlike Moshimoshi I guess. Men! (jangan marah ye Mosh!)

And plus, this is the fasting month. I’d be slumped in the sofa by 11pm on a nightly basis. All because Ariz is still perky at that hour. I don’t do much reading these days too.

So, I guess I’ll stick to this. Wordpress had kinda grown on me. I love its clean and neat lines. Minimalists, I’d say.


This is what I think I wanna do. I’ll stick to this. And I’ll pour my energy into this again. I love to blog. I love even more to read the posts I wrote 3 years ago and marvel at how changed the world has been and how I have changed, for the better or the worse.

2 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mosh said...

that's exactly what i said, post entries at home, not write them. that shouldn't take a long time, trust me, because i do get called all the time at home util i'd get irritated enough and usher them to their mother.

i think i'm giving up the internet altogether in the office. takes too long even to load anything at all.

Gartblue said...

u giving up internet at the office? whoaaa that's like whhhheeeeyyy?