Lost in PKNS

Monday, September 17, 2007


I don’t intend to publicly humiliate myself again, and again and again. Not since I-blinked-and-Ariz-walked incident last week. Not after I absentmindedly left Adani asleep in the car. And definitely not after WE lost Ariz in the lift of a hospital.

No siree. I never sell myself short.

But this time, it’s kinda different.

I lost Ariz as well as MrGart.

The place was abuzz with people. I wanted to get baju kurung for the girls and since Ariz was in his I-can-run mode, MrGart was reining him in. I had the girls and we soon were separated.

Fine. Got the girls their baju kebaya and went to find them. None of us carried our phones tho. Idiots, really. So, common sense told me to go hover around the main front of the mall, in front of McD. The area was less crowded and that makes sense if I was lost. Furthermore, the stairs leading to where we parked our car was just THERE! And more, as it’s Raya sales, there’s a pony-tailed DJ there, blaring raya songs.

The girls were getting tired. We went traipsing all over looking for them and not finding. So we went back to sitting at the main entrance. Common sense rules! A lost boy was announced on the PA system and I saw the father looking cross claiming the smiling kid.


So, I went there (after 1.5 hours of staring at him) and nicely asked the pony-tailed DJ.

“Kalau hilang suami dengan anak, boleh mintak tolong page kan tak, bang?”

He smiled and pushed a little notepad for me to write their names.

Kepada Encik MrGart dan anaknya Ariz, sila datang ke kaunter penerangan di hadapan McDonald’s kerana keluarga anda sedang menunggu.”

Ha ha ha ha ha. The four of us laughed so loudly at hearing it. All the aches of standing there for hours just dissipated at hearing such bizarre annoucement.

The announcement was repeated for 3 more times and each time, we laughed out loud.

People must think we’re such backwards people.

Tak reti pakai handphone ke ?”

Ni mesti prepaid dah habis ni ?”

Maknye la ni dok shopping tak inta dunia, sampai lupa laki pegi mana?”

Then, I saw them. MrGart carrying a sleepy Ariz with a rather idiotic grin on his face. Apparently he was sitting at some centre of the mall waiting for us and Ariz was asleep and how the heck didn’t I see him?

I was annoyed so I just didn’t answer. For all I care, he was sitting at the center of a small shop and tak pakai common sense ke ? And for all I know, he was sleeping behind a clothes rack and blamed me instead of not FINDING him. Hellewww!

Anyway, that was yesterday. Cooked soto for iftar and I thought it was uish sedap giler.

p/s Aliya & Asha are getting me worried now. Last week Asha had to be neb-ed for wheezing and last night Aliya pulak was breathing rather rapidly and coughing a bit, so another kid of the neb. Aku sudah risau.

2 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Mid November girl said...

Mujur ada abg DJ tu membantu ! That happen to us once jugak, di Giant besar. Dah letih kaki menapak sebiji Giant at last I surrender le ... buat announcement. What's the similarity, it's us, the wife/mother, who'll make the announcement. Kalau harapkan the husband/ayah, dia akan tunggu le ...

Gartblue said...

midnovembergirl .. betul tu! nak harapkan the hubbies .. pakat duduk la kat sini menunggu and it'll be our faults .. padahal kita yang berusaha nak cari dia .. dia tenngah tido.