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Friday, September 14, 2007


Tak habis-habis lagi. Disebabkan I'm like almost zombie-like today, I spent the whole morning looking at peoople's blogs. Even Keith's comment that he's now moving to wordpress. Hey!! I just set mine up at blogspot. Cehs!

So, I went over. I know Combi's there, and now OLAB is there and Nonah too.

And I was quite impressed actually, especially as I got my back. Hehehe.

But I guess, I'll update both now.

Anyway. Ngantuknya!

We went to the Bazaar Ramadan at TTDI Jaya about 6pm yesterday to get some additional foodies. Last year, the bazaar was not bad and there weren't any rush. But yesterday, punyala ramai manusia. Lagi banyak orang dari makanan!

We couldnt' get close to any stalls. Kesian MrGart tak dapat his murtabak and popiah. Me no kuihs!

Well, I took Aliya & Ariz to a kedai nearby when MrGart held on to the other two. While I was busy spooning kuah durian into a bag, I told Aliya to keep a watch on Ariz. She nodded.

Once I'm done, I looked around and there were no Ariz around. *Gulp*

Damn! I hissed at Aliya and almost in tears cos there were a lot people around and I had no idea where to start looking. Images of the lost girl, Nurin Jazlin swam in my head.

I looked around and stepped off onto the roads and suddenly I saw Ariz coming to me FROM the bazaar. OMG! He must have wandered there alone and came back for ME! He just strolled along with no worries on his face whatsoever. Aliya was almost in tears too. But alhamdulillah! Tak terbayang rasanya if I couldn't find him. Rasa-rasa macam nak letak the body harness on him. Geram pun ada, lega pun ada, sedih pun ada.

8 growls by fellow growlers ...:

BDP said...

yappedaaa.... how come you always hilang that boy :P

mamarawks said...

lorr. pindah lagi...
so you definately will update both right???
or better for me to keep both of your addresses... just in case..

TheOtherAJ said...

aku dah pindah ke wordpress..

OndeOnde said...

I oso have wordpress account: and like you will update both.

aiyo! scary tau!!!!!! i tak pegi bazaar ramadhan, my mr jer beli..senang.

moshimoshi said...

maybe you should get a leash or something hehehe. then definitely would lose that prized title of yours.


Gartblue said...

bbd .. I know! I know! *hangs head in shame*

mamawarks .. he he .. sorry ye . the pull of wordpress was a tad strong ..

theotheraj .. finally!

OO .. will go there and dah agak dah!

moshi .. I know .. he has a knack of just walking off nonchalantly .. scary gielr!

olab said...

u know where i am dah kan.

anak hilang dr pandangan mmg sungguh menakutkan.

elisataufik said...

i dah ada efx2blogs site:

tapi belum pindah sana lagi.. tunggu Keith gode2 and see whether he can move stuff over.
I nak recover my italy and taman negara posts!!