A Mother's Grief

Friday, September 21, 2007

A friend lost her 1.5 year old daughter who was electrocuted in a freak accident yesterday.

The family had a koi pond and on that day, the electricity was down for a maintenance, probably and the they all had prior notice. The koi fish in the pond were thriving, big and healthy. So, father rented a generator set to keep the pond oxygenated throughout the power outage. When power came back on, mother pulled out the genset's socket with the genset still alive. Little Aishah toddled along and picked up the live socket and the rest was history.

And I sobbed and cried. It's just too harrowing. Little Aishah was so pretty on her death bed. She looked like she was sleeping. And I weeped.

Mother was beyond grief. Aishah had a 3 year oold sister who exclaimed to visitors that baby Aishah's sleeping. Too young to realise that baby Aishah's not coming back to play. The 3 elder brothers broke down and sobbed for the loss of their beloved little sister.

Father put on a strong facade, breaking down at last when the last rites were read and Aishah was lowered into the gravesite, where the dragonflies flew above our heads.

Anguish and grief enveloped the surrounding and I weeped some more.


7 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mosh said...


anak siapa?

rotidua said...

oh gart....


Gartblue said...

anak ghous ler ..

rotidua .. *hugs*

Lollies said...

Ya Allah sedihnyaa aku. Even aku rasa nak nangis.

Ya Allah sedihnyaaa

Al Fatehah

Gartblue said...

lolls .. sedih babe .. I was at the house and looked at the fish in the pond and itula .. memang benda nak jadi tapi the regret must be there ..

mosh said...

ghous? anybody i know?

Mid November girl said...

accident do happen but a fatal one is really something that ... aduhhh sedihnya walaupun saya tak kenal siapa mereka. alfatihah ... may the family be strong during this trying time.