Nak Makan Apa Malam Ni?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


It proves my point again and again. That point being, me Mothers will always take our lillte charges’ interest at heart. When fathers go berjolly-lolly dengan kawan-kawan bukak puasa, while we, Mothers it out with our headstrong, precious dahlings!

What about the principle we had?

If one goes, everyone goes, and if none’s going, none goes.

But if you must know. MrGart was away for bukapuasa with friends last night and tonight too. To be fair, last week we trailed him to a do. I don’t really fancy buka puasa at hotels and such. Well, first of all, my kids are not the type who sit at their seats, munching food and listening to adult-ish conversation, peppering it with intelligent anecdotes from a kiddie point of view.

No sirree!

First Ariz would sit for a total of 45 seconds. Then he would run off somewhere. Or he’d be climbing off some ledge or grills. Or he’d cajoled the sisters for a hide and seek which will end with a run-around the place, sending waiters with trayful of glasses looking absolutely aghast. And I would look AGHAST too, apologetic more like it.

People say food’s great, especially when it cost you some RM65 per head. But do I have time to eat? I’d be spooning some fancy-named food in my mouth, with eyes scanning the place trying to locate Ariz’s bobbing head. I’d be munching on some chicken amidst issuing instruction to Aliya to go fetch Ariz or run after him.

Then the Maghrib prayers. Despite the constant shhhhhhhh, everybody suddenly has things to discuss in the surau. And I mean everybody comes with me, not with the Daddy, but with ME. And I’d go apologetic again to the other jemaah when Ariz runs and hops and giggles.

So, I always get hungry.

Yesterday, MrGart asked me if we wanted to come. Rebung is the new Chef Ism@il’s place. But it’s cramped and it’s right in front of a main road. SO I’ll pass. So we had mac n cheese last night. With oven baked fries, garlic bread, kuah durian and bought roti jala.

Som what do I cook tonight when MrGart’s not around?

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