Kids and Puasa

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today is the 13th Ramadhan and so far so good for the kids.

Aliya has fasted for 10 days and only missing 3 days when she was sick. She started fasting when she was 7, but she has no qualms about it. Waking up at dawn for sahurs is fussless with her. Initially she would get very uptight over people eating in front of her but now she's gotten used to it.

Ayisha on the other hand, has fasted a total of 2 days. With Asha, it's the sahur that's the toughest. She wants to fast though. So, on days when we tried to wake her up with no luck, in the mornings she'd be banging her head, accusing Daddy of not waking her up and that she WANTED to fast. Grrrrr! But today she's fasting and was smiling at sahur. It's all in your head. With kids, you've got to tell me before they go to sleep, then it gets easier.

Adani has now gone off her Sust@gen but has become an eater. And she's been telling me that she's fasting but opps "I dah minum air tadi, kejap lagi I puasa balik, okay?". Hmpph! She's the matsalleh girl in the house. She refers to herself as I most of the times and during masa-masa injury, baru Adani this and Adani that.

Ariz does not fast, obviously but is interfering with my fasting.

First, weekends are hard cos he's draining me with his constant, demanding nursing sessions.

Second, his Mummy-s-not-here sensor is working overtime during Ramadhan. like this morning when I was finishing sahur with my sambal udang & petai, I heard the rustling and moving upstairs. Then a minute later, came the distress yells, "Mummmmyyyy". Normally after 2 calls, he'd be off the bed for a search & rescue. But not this morning.

Aliya helpfully offered to get Ariz downstairs, since I wasn't done. She came down with Ariz clinging to her, eyes closed and hands scratching head, mouth cebik-ed. He saw me and immediately extended his arms and wriggled free of Aliya.

He pulled my kaftan and wanted me to take it off and wear my nightwear, biasala tu, easy nursing to him. Ajak tengok TV kejap while I finish, tak nak. He insisted to go back to bed. Adoi! So, kenala Mummy makan kurma while atas katil.

Anyway, I hope Aliya will complete this Ramadhan with ease and Ayisha can fast as many days that she could. I hope I'll be able to fast throughou the month. Insyallah.

Tonight MrGart's breaking fast at the Rebung. I wanted to come too cos I know the food's good. But the place is kinda small and cramped and it's right in front of a main road. And I don't think my kids would stay at their chairs for long. So, I passed on tonight. Instead, we're having mac n cheese, oven fries and garlic bread. Need to think of haiwans, now.


p/s I've been updating 3 blogs actually. This one, the wordpress and also the efx2blogs. Somehow I can't seem to post anything in the efx2blogs. Maybe connection is snail-paced these days. Not helping sungguh, especially when everybody is over there and I can't blog.

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OndeOnde said...

my wordpress is going tobe starting to post entries in efx2blogs..blogspot will update regularly insyaAllah..

for me preparing the food for the anak2 is the most challenging thing, what with them have different2 taste buds!!! sahur lagi satu, kesian tengok depa makan sikit saja! sakit otak pikir menu babe!