A Hectic Weekend That Was

Monday, September 24, 2007

Letsee if I can recall what we had over the weekend.

Saturday is always a busy day cos Aliya & Asha have their mental arithmetic classes and now Adani too has her English class with her fav Teacher Claire. So, once the girls were off, we took off to the wet market for the week’s supply of haiwans & dauns.

MrGart commented mesti orang kata kesian, dah tua anak baru sorang. Perasan! Well, nak buat camana. Persuaded MrGart to hop over to the baking supplies store in Shah Alam. Mak oii! Ramainya manusia. Nak raya punya pasal, manusia semata. There were truckloads of those red-topped cookie containers for people who sell cookies. Uish! Beriya-iya sungguh mereka ini.

MrGart pointed out the Kuih Samperit mould and said that he wanted me to make them. Errkk! Hmm. Ni kena google ni. Challenges, challenges. I like.

Ayisha fasted today for the first time and full too. Aliya was whispering to me how she caught Asha eating entahapaapatah but I chose to ignore. Cooked laksa johor to bring to my mother’s but she’s tired from the tadarus classes, so next week we’ll go there. I made the William-S0n0ma choc chip cookies and I thought they were gorgeous. Especially as Ariz was munching 2 in the mouth and another 2 in each fist. Leleh air liuq kakak-kakak yang puasa.

Saturday was also the day I pored and read the news on Nurin Jazlin. Sedih tengok pictures the parents burying their little girl. The picture that broke me was Nurin’s friend, a biy with tears streaming down his face. Sungguh sedih. Reading about the details of the murder, sickened me. Hanya binatang saja yang mampu buat begitu kepada kanak-kanak. Kepada ibubapa Nurin, ingatlah, anak-anak bukan milik kita. Dipinjamkan sahaja. Sampai masa kita perlu pulangkan kepadaNya.

Sunday was spent at the new Tesc0 Extr@. Besarnya mak oii! Ariz insisted to run around the place and akujadi gabra. Ish! Geramnya.

Balik tu, I made the Oatmeal Choc Chip Cookies, recipe courtesy of Frog Commissery in the States. I included raisins too. That night we had a berbuka puasa do with friends and I gave some to them. Mintak-mintakla sedap. Memang sedap rupanya. Perasan!

Well, that’s it. Asha completed her 2 full days of fasting. Aliya missed 3 days due to her being sick. Adani fasted and unfasted so many times, I lost count. Ariz still thinks he’s a lion. He roars at people and he lunges at people. He sondols people’s back and he crawls on the floor. Oh anakku!

5 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mosh said...

you're sending adani to "school" already eh? maybe i should be thinking about amelya too lah...

OndeOnde said...

gart biru,
takziah to your friend who lost their little girl, ramadhan kali ini banyak cerita duka...i still cannot get over nurin, bila nak lelap malam teringat2 how her mother and father coping and I cannot bear to think of how was she when she was in her killer's detention. Al-Fatihah.

Gartblue said...

mosh .. adani's eager to go to school .. she's already attending kindy in the mornings and this english class is every saturdays. pening kepala makcik .. she even merayu nak masuk kumon .. tapi err I tak cukup duit ler .. tunggu lagi 2 tahun boleh ?

OO .. mmg banyak cerita sedih ramadhan tahun ini .. I was reading the atrocity the killer inflicted upon her and I closed my eyes, unable to think of how she had to endure that. death didn't come soon enough for her.

Lollies said...

memang anak dipinjamkan tapi cara pemulangan tu yang tak sanggup tu.

pastu kat uks tu minah tu tulis pulak penuh detail apa jadi, aku tak boleh tidur malam kau tau. literally tak boleh tidur. berdebar-debar jadinya. lepas sahur tidur sejam. bangun weng.

waahh ko terer merer buat kueh sekarang

Gartblue said...

lolls .. aku kalau tak baca that post at UKS pasal the gory details of the murder takpe, tapi bila tak baca, terbayang-bayang .. nauzubillah ..
terer? jangan la camtu .. masih belajar ..