Isnin is Monday

Monday, October 1, 2007

Aku tengah tersengih ni. Bukannya apa. Hari ni hari Isnin. Teringat that Ariz was born on a Monday and my Tok, who's been quite successful in getting us (my brother alone, actually, us, the sisters have not been compliant enough) to name our children, her cucus.

It started with Faiz, then Firdaus. Good names I thought. Then my brother's youngest baby girl was born and she insisted that he named her, Saodah. I remembered rolling on the floor, breaking out into a hysterical laugh and shed a lot of tears when my mother was regaling us with her conversation with my Tok. Lucky my grandmother wasn't there to witness. Otherwise, I would be forced to content myself just a chuckle quietly. Saodah was vehemently veto-ed by my brother, as expected. Saodah is now a Shakirah.

A few names later, I gave birth to Ariz. On a Monday.

So, her being helpful, proclaimed that we should name the only boy I have with .. MUHAMMAD SENAYAN !

First, I had that disbelief look on my face which quickly turned to horror. You see, it was easy to laugh at my brother when he was confronted with such problem. When I was in one myself, it wasn't very funny.

The thought of breaking her heart by telling her ..

"Hmm Tok, nama Muhamad tu sedap Tok, tapi kan Tok, Senayan tu kan, kan .. ala Tok, tak rock la Tok. Nanti kat sekolah kawan-kawan gelakkan dia. Nama lain boleh tak, Tok? Tok marah tak ? "

Not pretty.

Finally, I came with with Ahmad Ariz Zuhayr and I think she's okay with it.

Now, loose cannon was what that little Ariz was last night at PeeJayHi1ton. Arghhh! I never fully understood the meaning of loose cannon, until Ariz came along. It's like he's gone just crazily happy, hopping hear and there, roaring playfully at everyone, crawling under the tables and chairs and singing Pricilla, the Mighty Gorrila at the top of his voice.

3 growls by fellow growlers ...:

elisataufik said...

wehhh best apa nama Saodah.
My mom's name is Saudah :)

Gartblue said...

ahaks elisa .. betul betul *gulp* sedap nama saodah .. my mom's name is saayah and it's just unique .. but itula pasal .. it's rather antique now .. when we have batrisyia, darwish, danish, arania, alisha, arissa, and all those fanciful names with meanings, we tend to care a little bit more. no?

ninuk said...

my #1 could have ended up as Wan Astro :) masa tu duk mabuk nak subscribe tak kat Astro :)))