Left Her Crying

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I left Adani crying this morning. Right after our routine drive around the block.

I opened the door, called her Princess and picked up her bag and held her hand for her to get out of the car.

Then she uuhmm-ed and leaned on the car. Uh-Oh! It was 7:12am. Normally she would be happily salam-ing me, getting kisses and hugs from me and gaily hopped into the house to wait for the Auntie Manjit's van around 7:55am.

"Mummyyyy. Dani nak cocokrunch dalam the blue container tu."

"Okay, nanti kakak ambikkan okay?" Kakak is our maid, I never let the kids call any of our maids, Bibik.

"Ummm.. Dani nak MUMMY ambikkan." *eyes started to droop, lips scrunched up*

"Mummy's late la sayang. Please. Opps, your forgot your duit. Here's RM1. Okay ?"
Note: She gets a singgit everyday, which she insists after watching sisters get money too. Singgit or wailing? I'll take singgit.


I called my helper and asked her to get Adani what she wanted and to bodily take her back into the house. I had to force myself to kiss her, when she's slumped and refusing to be touched my the maid, arms outstretched for me. Adoiii!

Feeling guilty, I called home about 20 minutes later. Adani picked up the phone and was chirpily telling me that both her and Aliya was outside waiting for the vans. She didn't seem disturbed by the fact that she wailed and prolly woke up the whole street less than half an hour ago.

I guess kids forget easily. Not something we should take advantage of, actually.

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ninuk said...

uqbah also insist one 1 duit ... but only on friday and wednesday. because according to uqbah, nak beli kopok leko singgit.
lucky you, i've to drive uqbah to school 80% of the time. he refuse to go with aunty manjeet.