Adani Turns A Big Four !

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday, ADANI !

Last Sunday, the 7th October 2007 was her birthday. The day she has waited on for ever. I'm not quite sure why, but I guess the concept of time is a bit hard to grasp at that age.

So, I planned for a little family do on that Sunday. Somehow, the do was on Saturday instead, since we were off to Melaka to send off Andes, and my mother's minding the kids, so the whole clan came over to break fast at my place.

I made the cake for her. She's so thrilled. I've never baked a birthday cake, ever and am quite pleased with the result. I was also ignoring my twin's comment on the layers were a bit lopsided. Cehs!

She blew the candles twice amidst the many cousins and she looked oh so angelic. She's always so angelic, Adani is. She's ever ready to help and never one to fuss unless she's really tired or not feeling terribly good. But she's truly a happy girl. A princess. One who will model for the camera, tirelessly and one who will sing and shout the High School Musical songs at full blast.

Happy Birthday sayang! Mummy loves you very, very much!

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ninuk said...

Big FOUR ! Selamat Ulang Tahun !
Tak buat celebration @ Titanic ke ?