Life's Like That

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Am just reminded that this Saturday my helper's going home for her Raya for two weeks. Quickly made a call to my mom, to enlist her to watch the kids on Saturday while me and MrGart drove all the way to Melaka Port to send Andes.

Really. Friends have frowned when I said she's going back for Raya. Especially when she was home for 2 weeks in May this year. Since this year is the 5th year she's with us. I've struck a deal with her. You work with me a full year, I'll give you 2 months' salary as bonus and you get to go home twice in a year, two weeks each time.

I know it's a lot. But she's really good. The kids get along well with her. But not close enough to be called anak bibik. My kids are never THAT close to our helpers. I won't let them. I'm that possessive.

But she has a level head on her shoulders. Her husband left her and her 3 big kids a long time ago and she needed money to live. She's not into man and stuff and she's rather sensible. The house is a haven with her around. Not a speck of dust around. Until the kids come home and trash the place, which she patiently picks up after again and again and again.

One little snag though. She sucks at cooking. After 5 years, she can only cook ayam masak kicap. Remember the ikan masin acar buah? The fresh kerabu daun ceylom I bought which she heated and the dauns got so layu. But then again, it's my fault really. I never stressed on her to cook. All meals are prepared by me and cooked by me, with little sharing. Sungguh kurang manis, actually. I'd rather my family eats off my air tangan, than the maid's. Even if I have Ariz on my hips, stirring the kurma daging.

Anyway. I'm sure we'll survive the 2 weeks without Andes. We've done it before. I always thought I'd go nuts with the mess and the demands of the kids which all spell mess. But once we're at it, it all comes naturally. The kids will get a little annoyed that they have to do chores and pick up after themselves, but they're supposed to ANYWAY. I don't want to breed a lazy lot. I had maids picking up after me when I was growing up and I think I'm alright. Guess, my mom's way righted me, alright.

Well. Pick pick pick. I hope I won't yell as much as I think I will. I'm out to prove myself wrong here. Wish me luck.

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