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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Aliya is 9. Way too early to me to be having periods. No, she hasn’t got hers yet. But her cousin, Nor who’s 2 months older got hers about 3 months back.

That piqued Aliya’s interest a lot lately.

She’ been asking me when she’s getting hers. Told her that some girls get it early, some maybe later. I got mine when I was 12 going 13. And that seemed to be the norm in those days. These days, girls are getting matured much much earlier than we used to. Either time, relatively is flying faster or they’re growing much too fast. In the olden days (maacm la lama sangat dah tu!), if you get your periods in Standard 5, it’s early. Standard 3 is unheard of.

Anyway, turning this educationally, I reminded her it’s not about getting periods early that matters. It’s a big responsibilities and that one which she needs to prepare from now on. She merely nodded, deep in thought. Oh anakku sudah besar!

Anyway, was at UKS and found an email on how Lily explains to her kids about periods.

“Show them a diagram of a woman’s womb. Tell them that is where babies are created and where they grow. Every month, a woman’s body will build up lots of blood tissues in the womb so that when there is a baby in there, it will be protected from harm like bumps and stuff. If there is no baby, the body needs to flush out the blood so the womb is clean again, so that is why girls have their periods.

If they ask how are babies created? I just tell them that the mommy’s egg and the daddy’s egg meet in the womb. So far, haven’t gone much further than that… “

Hmm .. interesting. I’ll try that!

5 growls by fellow growlers ...:

UglyButAdorable said...

kat sini rupernyer yeee...

hhihiiii..i got mine at 10. i ingat maser tu otw back from family trip in singapore. i was whining to my mom why on earth my panties had blood on it even after i've change it.

back then maner ader discuss pasal benda nih...good idea to try and bagie feedback skit...:)

mosh said...

9 years old? that's like standard 3? wow! waaayyy too early as far as i know.

somebody forwarded me an e-mail of an illustration of how babies are made (including how mommy's egg and daddy's egg get to meet) and i think it is meant for young children. in german though.

p/s: guess what? i can send entry in efx2blogs yesterday in the office.

OndeOnde said...


i haven't been asked - y.e.t.

but my friend dulu memang 9 years old dah period and her size gorwn bigger - i still remember kitaorang masa dulu2 main netball pakai short and t-shirt, so you can imaginelah all the sekolah menengah boys love to watch my friend my netball!!!!!!! (they sekodeng other things, of course!)

i should copy paste this one - just in case!

butterflutter said...

Hi nice dapat catch up with your happenings again.

Gartblue said...

uglybut .. he he .. I'm everywhere la actuallynya .. at wordpress, blogspot and even efx2blogs .. but still guna gartblue .. u at 10 too? wow! kaalu I sure pressor giler ..

mosh .. eyy I have that illustrations too but it's like so graphic la ... ada sedikit musykil ....

OO .. copy paste, jaangan tak .. by me putting me it's like putting it in my mind too ler ..

butterflutter .. yay! nice to see you around too .. missed u at efx2 dlu ..