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Friday, October 5, 2007

Been tagged by none other than the woman of leisure, famyCun and since I have about 20 minutes before I can safely go traipsing down midV with a bunch of excited gals, I might as well do this.

5 Things in my bag
- brand new mata kumpuan sunglasses from the brand "teka".
- wallet hitam yang dah tercabut the zil holder
- notebook kecik to tulis apa I do on a daily basis
- surat to redeem voucher jasko
- 5 pens biru

5 Things in my wallet
- ATM card
- 2 credit cards
- voucher jasko
- membership cards gile banyak
- RM 210 and pelbagai duit syiling

5 favorite Things in my bedroom
- Aliya
- Adani
- Ariz
- if I'm lucky, me!

5 Things I would like to do

- spa treatment, pedicure, manicure, massages
- bake, bake and bake
- learn to quilt
- learn water colouring
- sing loudly in the car

5 Things I am doing now
- tengok jam, lambatnya nak 12:30pm
- pikir nak beli apa kat midv nanti
- sapa nak drive
- oo blog again, apa lagi
- apahal aku banyak sangat outstation trips lepas Raya ni, Manjung, Gebeng & Kota Kinabalu. In demand ke aku ni ?

5 People I want to tag:
Disebabkan I'm always tertinggal bas, I think I'll leave to my fans, *chewwaah* if you, you, you, you and you wanna do this. Can ?

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