One Day Bragging Rights Won

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Life sure is unpredictable.

One hour you're on the verge of your seat, face green from disbelief of what the kids have been up to.

The second, you're gloating like no one's business.

Alright. I should warn you guys that should you choose to trudge ahead, there are smugness and gloatiness abound. So, thread carefully and so aim that puke elsewhere and avoid your keyboards.


Letter came yesterday.

".. congratulations .. University Senate awarded the MSc Degree in Engineering Business Management."

"Whilst you did not quite reach the high standard required for the award of MSc with Distinction, the Examination Board wishes to place on record its recognition of the OUTSTANDING marks that you achieved in the project component of the Degree."


As you can see, I can no longer walk out of the room without turning sideways to make room for enlarged and kembang-ed butts. And heck, I'm so pleased with myself.

Alright alright. They didn't have to rub in the fact that I didn't make the Distinction list. But I am so happy that I was recognised for the project.

The 3 years was not hellish but rather a whirlwind. My nights and days were unrecognisable and I was in a constant state of studying, one way or the other. But I'm so glad that it's all behind me now and I can say now that all the hard work, it's all worth it now that I see these words in front of me. Phew!!

Well, I dedicate this to MrGart who patiently (well at least half the time) took over some of the roles I left in pursuit of a degree. And to Aliya, Ayisha and Adani who spent weekends by themselves without Mummy dearest and also to Ariz who joined me in my lectures in-vitro for the whole 9 months. You'd better exhibit what you've leart, kiddo!

Anyway. YES!!!

2 growls by fellow growlers ...:

nonah said...

congratulations, who says it's too old to continue studying kan? bravo bravo! people like you always motivate me to continue studies even if it's later and not now.

as for ayisha, maybe dia save duit dia kot? I hope it's from her savings :)

ninuk said...

tabik spring. aku tengok balik aku punya Msc letter ... biasa je. tak de sebut pasal markah projek pun - jeles aku.