Happy 10th Birhday To ALIYA !!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Dear Aliya,

Happy 10th Birthday to you, sayang! We all love you very very much and we're all very proud of you.

10 years old is a BIG, BIG deal! I'm still amazed how big you've grown from that little tiny cute baby girl whom I held in Mummy's arms, afraid that I'd do you wrong. I was so unsure of how to go about raising a baby into this cold, cruel world. But you looked into my eyes and instinctively I knew, it didn't matter if I knew nothing then, what matters is that we're in this together. We'll take one day at a time.

You've been a real big help in our family. I know things may get a little hectic these days, what with Adani forever bickering with Ariz. And Ayisha is constantly copying what you do and of course, Mummy and Daddy's contant "Aliya, do this" and "Aliya do that". If you geta little annoyed with us, you do know you can tell me. I can promise anything but what I can say is that, time flies and before you know it, your little brother and sisters will all look up in awe at you, instead of climbing on your backs.

You're their inspiration. A big one too! They look up to you in everythin that you do, and that is why I want you to be the best that you can in whatever that you choose to do. I promise to support you wholeheartedly.

You're responsible and you're loving and so caring. Little wonder when Ariz prefers you than anyone else (err except maybe Mummy) in the whole house. You're like Mummy's little helper, in person too. And I'm so proud of you for playing that role.

I know I can be a very annoying Mummy. I yell, I scream and I nag a lot. But surely you know I only do that because I love each and everyone of you so very much. I care and I show that I care. I hope you can see that.

Anyway. I hope the little party we had with your consins and relatives were fun. I watched your pretty little face blossoming and your posture reminds me of myself. You're such a lanky, pretty tall girl and you'll grow into a beautiful young woman, I know. It's all my gene!

I do have a little wish that you would be a little more open and brave to venture into worlds that's not too comfortable for you. Just open yourself to the possibilities and learn to relax. Take each day one day at a time and savour every moment and enjoy, Aliya.

Lastly, I hope that you would work harder this year at school and play even harder in everything else. I love you, Aliya. With all my heart.


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