Asha's MisAdventure : An Update

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Note: You need to read the "Aghast" post to be able to understand this one.

Came home and Asha just arrived and waited for me, smiling ever so sweetly. MrGart told me that he called earlier to ask Asha about the RM100 incident but she said "taktau" to all his questions.

I chose not to broach the topic so soon especially when the little brother and sisters were coming home from the park and controversial issues catch on very fast with kids. Once MrGart got home, we all got into the car to get to D1ncy's Store (the store right next to her KAFA). Asha initially refused to go, which was unusual and very suspicious but we managed to make her go, no drama.

I went straight to the store while the rest were in Myd1n. Now the story.

Asha's friend came in with 2 notes of RM50 and brought a big Barbie stationery set to the counter and in fact has asked to pay for goodies for a big bunch of other girls. The shopkeeper was suspicious and asked whose money that was, the friend ratted on Asha who was outside.

When asked, Asha said that it was her money. By this time, the counter was full of goodies Asha's friends had gathered and wide-eyedly expecting to grab and go. The shopkeeper then told Asha that if she wanted to get the Barbie set, to ask Mummy to come along. She then asked Asha to choose a sweets treat. The funniest part was that she had to break up the party of expecting kids to a huge grunts. MrGart was chuckling when he heard this. My daughter, the generous girl, though good intention's gone slightly wrong.

I thanked her profusely for spotting this and to watch out for Asha in future. The KAFA's been very personal in their treatment of the children and I appreciate it.

Home. I told Asha that I know what happened as the Teacher had informed me. But I need to know where the money came from. She said she didn't know and that Daddy gave that to her. I didn't want to prolong this and told her that it's wrong to take something which isn't yours, even if it's Mummy or Daddy's. If her friends were giving her gifts, please tell Mummy & Daddy first before accepting. I asked if she understood what I said which she nodded, averting my stares.

Gosh! This is so hard. I didn't know if I said too much or too little. So, I thought of having a little chat at night before bedtime. Except that during the homework time, she had a meltdown session with MrGart with her Maths work, after which only sleep would cure, snoot and tears all around. Maybe tomorrow, I said.

So, today, after the emergency Executive Council meeting held during lunch at the Jalan Istana Ikan Bakar Table 2, the COO and the CEO have :

1. Identified root of the problem. Lack of discipline and lack of understanding of what is right and what is wrong.

2. Resolution / Action Plan.

a) All persons above the age of 7 must pray 5 times a day. We have been rather lax with Aliya and obviously this is not such a great example to others.

b) Friday night's Maghrib prayers wil be followed by a small usrah/meeting. COO (me!) will come up with script and CEO (MrGart) will deliver. Need to remind them what we expect of them and in return what do they expect from us. A family meeting, a regular instead of ad-hocly basis.

c) You-and-me time for each one of the children. Targetting Mummy & Asha time this Saturday while I send her to school.

Hokey. We'll see about tonight's progress. I'll try to talk to her again about this. I really wanna understand this. MrGart thought she took the money from his wallet. I thought it was mine. Shows how we both manages our finances eh?

Well. To all of you who have confessed in your comments, you made me feel better and to those with advices on how to proceed with this, I truly adore you.

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