Ariz's Chants

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My little prince, Ariz who didn't talk a lot a year ago now is a chatterbox. These days we hear these 2 phrases a LOT. Not once or twice a day. ore like every hour or more.

1. "Ayiz tak tit tot"
This we hear everytime he's in the shower, getting dressed, getting undressed and every occasion which required him to be stark nekkid. Translation is "Ariz tak sakit bontot". Remember 3 weeks ago when we were both struck by a food poisoning bout, I was puking and he's been purging like anything. Since he's still in diapers (*malu*), pursging resulted into very very sore and raw butts.

Now, luckily Eco-na-zine worked wonders and cured the butts and now everytime he's about to show off his butts, he'll chant this phrase. Aliya is forever amused bu the "tak tit tot" and asks him to say it again and again and again. And the little boy complies to a gaggle of giggling girls all the time. Sheesh!

2. "Ayiz an-nak a-lik u-mah"
Now this would normally be said with droppy eyes and pouty lips. And without fail will be said in the car whenever we are nearing the entrance to Bukit Jelutong. It simply means "Ariz taknak balik rumah".

It used to be "Iz n-nak l-lik mmah". Now he's adding the second letter. So, it wont be long before we hear the full sentence. Speaking does come gradually. I wonder when he's gonna start saying Ariz instead of Ayiz or Iz.

Anyway. This is understandbly. He's the only member of the family who has nowhere to go on a daily basis. Everybody else has work or school. He's been pining to o to school but I don't think he's ready. next year, definitely but not this year.

So, everytime I come home, he'd be climbing into the car and I have to take him for a spin or an ice-cream and everytime he asks "NN-na?" and gets a "Balik rumah" answer, he'd pout and says his favourite chant.

That aside, been thinking to take Ayisha & Adani off their English class as their favourite Teacher Claire's no longer there. Maybe even ALiya's off her Mental Arithmetic cos I think she's getting bored. That earns us free Saturday mornings. Maybe Tae-Kwon-Do ?

And I think I'm putting Adani into English Kum0n, succumbing to her persistent request since the past one year. I think she's more than ready and we're financially ready too. Heh!

Anyway, to those of you in Shah Alam, need suggestions of what to do with them on Saturday mornings? The girls wanna do ballet, but it's a bit far. Need suggestions.

2 growls by fellow growlers ...:

nonah said...

ballet is cool!takde langsung in shah alam?

ninuk said...

Our saturday morning is kumon time, tapi @ Plaza Masalam. Saturday ... lepak tesco xtra ke ... or nanti tunggu 1Jelutong bukak