Salah Potong ...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Nothing life-threatening. So, you guys can sit down now.

It's 5:42 now and we're still at home. I was mem-fitting-kan school uniforms for the girls and since I have smaller than average Asha, a lot needs to be done. Btw, once I was finished, Ariz and Adani fell asleep and MrGart has been nappping loong before I started the sewing.


Get this. While I was mulling over the girls' kain buju kurungs and thinking about the emails about the pahala for a wife/mother who sews her own clothes and feeling good about it. Well, not that good, cos I kept poking my fingers with the darn pins.

I got Aliya and Asha to line up and try the bajus and kains in front of me while I pin the amendments to be sewn. While I mused over "keciknya si Asha ni", I cut all 4 kains about 4 inches off. Then suddenly realised that I tried Aliya's bajus andkains on Asha!


Opps .. Ariz's up. Gotta sambung later, kay?

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