Water Babies and Clowning Around

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dated pics actually. These were taken during our excursion to JB last month. Lucky we were there then, otherwise we'd all be swimming around in floodwaters by now, looking at the recent flood woes affecting Pahang & Johor.


Ariz, Adani & Asha were just ecstatic to discover the bath tub in the hotel and would not miss each get-ready-and-shower time to splash about in the tub. Apa-apala. Asalkan bahagia. Bukan aku yang nak kena basuh nanti. Heh!

Adani in her typical pose.

The three water babies in the tub.

And these are clown cupcakes from the night before. Scrumptious really! They are Nigella Laws0n's basic cupcake recipe and it's truly a fail-safe recipe. Trust me! If I couldn't mess it up.

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