Being a Boy

Monday, December 10, 2007

This is not a friendly territory. And an alien one at that too. At least to me. Especially for me with my three gorgeous girls.

But I guess this is a welcome relief from months of seeing him with a nekkid Barbie under his arms, pushing a purple stroller.

And this is definitely a major phew from months of persuading him to take off that purple tudung off his face, while he feeds a green teddy from a small pink cup and Ayisha & Adani tending to a sick teddy on the same bed.


There was a time when he was into lions (from Narnia) , zebras, elephants and eagles, I was kinda of happy for him being developmentally sound. Until he really thought he was one of these animals. Remember the roaring and growling to EVERYBODY and crawling under tables, and eating off the floor and licking EVERYTHING.

And since we never have robots, or these Power Rangers or GranSazer things at home, he was never really introduced to them. Except at Nobita's place. Her Imran and Irfan are staunch fans of these laser-fighting tight-wearing undies warriors. I'm not a big fan to these things and am more worried about the violent nature of it.

It never caught on.

Until Transformer the movie came up. Even I was a sudden fan.

Ariz was transformed. Everything is a o-bot (robot). Even the transmission towers dotting the landscape of the country are o-bots. We succumbed to the fascination, especialy MrGart. WHo has bought a small squadron of these robots at home.

Boys really do take these things at heart. He plays with them contently. He takes a robot and bangs them against the lion. Again and again.

Last Saturday, while we shopped at Tesco waiting for the girls from their English & Maths lessons, he made me pick these up. Nasib baik murah!

And this was where we were and what he did, while we waited.

I have a boy, alright!

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