Water Babies

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

These are my 3 girlie water babies, busy kicking in the water during their lessons last night at Pus@t Aku@tik Sel@ngor.

Aliya can actually do breaststroke well, but she never finishes her free-style, so I guess she might as well start again. The class was pretty basic for her but I guess she'll just have fun then. When she goes up her levels, then she'll start getting competitive.

Asha refused lessons with Instructor Lee, 2 years ago together with Aliya and since she's the free willy type, very the adventurous and jumps into deeper water with just the chest-squares-body-harness float which only she is comfortable to use, I guess she'd better start learn proper swimming strokes and she loved it from the wide grins on her face last night.

Adani is the cautious one, look before you leap kind. But we're taking a chance here since both sisters are in, let's just slot her in. She's not afraid of water, none of my babies are ever. But she's very safe. She wouldn't thread on places she's never ventured before i.e. "I'll stay in my float if I can't feel the bottom of the pool" or "I'll hang out at these steps". True enough. Last night, she refused to join the class but in half an hour's time, she came and said that she was ready to join and there she was having a bubbly time. I was glad that she took hold of her fear and realised it herself cos I don't think forcing her would do it.

By the way, the entry level is called the JellyFish level. They're not expected to do much, just emulate what jellyfishes do, with extra pair of hands and a few tentacles short.

Now, Ariz, Ariz, Ariz. He's the fearless type. We introduced water to all the 4 kids as early as 6 months old and almost twice a month, so I guess if they're fearless, they were trained to be so. None of the was afraid of water at all. But with Ariz, lucky us, we drilled into him to put his ring float on when he jumps into the water. So that really a comfort to me,though you can't blink when he's in the water. He hops, he jumps, he runs and jumps into the pool. He flip-flops and he splashes. He really has a whale of a time in the water, this one is.

And if anyone needs swimming classes, he and Asha do. But they've refused Ariz. Too young, won't be able to take directions. True true true. So, there he was last night, swimming around by himself.

By the way the pool was abuzz with activities last night which suprised me tremendously. There were about 7 lessons simultaneously in the 2 pools outside, from beginners, intermediate and even advanced swimmers. I did not peek into the indoor pool. My oh my! Shah Alam kids sure are busy in the water, eh?

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