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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We're back!

I'm back and what a whirlwhind trip that was.

First of all, the camera, fully charged was left taking pictures on top of the TV cabinet at home. So, all these were taken by MrGart's N95 and since I'm not a huge fan of phone cameras, I just stayed away from taking, just standing in one or two.


Spent 2 nights at JB. Danga Bay was a BLAST!! Giler happening! Both nights were spent there. Dinner, rides, train rides, walks by the seaside. And of course the kids drained MrGart's wallets with wanting to get on EVERY ride there was. I physically bodily took him away from his favourite brown horse ferris wheel.

We spent Saturday night at my auntie's place in Jasin, a bungalow in a middle of nowhere and I had goosebumps but it was good meeting relatives. Sunday was spent driving from Jasin to Ayer Keroh. Ariz saw the bullock carts after we had lunch at the eMcD and we went for a round. Busuk! Another leg from Ayer Keroh to Senawang, visiting my Mak Ndak and ailing Tok. After devouring the late lunch of udang galah, we hopped over to Nilai 3 where my Mak Ndak, Mak Lang and the soon to be engaged cousins were and met up.

Then another leg from Nilai to my twin's place at Cahaya Heights to pick up the maid and finally, home sweet home. Penat!

I'll just let the pictures tell the stories then.

Ariz on a horse. He rode on another horse an hour after this.

Ariz & Asha on one of those kiddie roller coasters. Apart from Adani who looked absolutely terrified on these high-speed rides, the others were laughing very loudly and happily, while we parents, counted the remaining money left.

Ariz suprised us when we rode the bike effortlessly and managed to avoid hitting other bikers. Atta boy!

On the bullock cart, right after the black bull smacked Asha with his tail, trying to hit a fly. Busuk weh!

After the drama of "Nak naik" and the excited faces on the bullock cart, Ariz was screaming to get away from the bull, Aliya put on a brave face, trying to laugh at Ariz, Adani clung to me for dear life and Asha stuck to Aliya. Cehs!

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