Bacteria Macteria .. Me Gone Bonkers

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Let's not make any mistake.

I have tonnes of work, but I just can't stop thinking about this.

You see, I read that if you theoretically speaking, take every single bacteria from the face of the earth, and down it's core and spread them all over the earth, even the seas, they'll cover a depth of 15 meters all around the earth. Makes me squirm!

And there are peculiar things about them. One I know that that they divide super-rapidly. One single bacteria is able to replicate about 280 million times when we are barely completing one single division. And 1 in every million division will result in a mutation which most times just die off.

But sometimes, the mutation gives them an edge, an advantage and probably an immunity against an otherwise potent antibiotic. And the magical is that the bacteria who gains this info, SHARES it with others. Unlike some people who kedekut ilmu. Ha ha ha .

And that's how a whole species of a bacteria becomes immuned to an antibiotic which normally kills them.


Now I can start to work. Bit late eh?

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