Eye Candies

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I dunno about you guys but I've never thougt of myself as being married, old and not worthy to appreciate eye candies in the form of gorgeous men.

It's not that I'm in some strange ways dissatisfied with my life and it's not that I'm looking for something MORE. It's just like looking at flowers. Checking out new species of flowers, a new breed, an eye-catching at that too.


Before MrGart threw me yet another murderous look, a disclaimer here. MrGart is by far and wide (he!) is the handsom-est guy ever. He knows it and I know it. We are a happily married couple. Have been for 11 years and 13 days. We are content.

But I love looking at other men, no intention to do anything whatsoever. Just looking. Remember the looking at flowers, new breed metaphor. It's like that. I'd love to guess what theire lives are like.


Enter MysteriousGuy #1.

He came with his whining, cutesy 4 year old girl who joined Aliya, Ayisha and Adani (now out of the class)'s swimming lessons. MysteriousGuy #1 has the soppy, droopy looks on his face. His eyes are not unlike those of the Hush Pupp1ies' dog's, very please-hold-me, and i-need-you as well as you-are-my-everything just oozes out of his eyes. He's not muscular, but slender. He walks with such a lazy stroll and his hands are just screaming hold-me-comfort-me. Yup, THAT type.

So, since I was doing nothing the whole hour by the poolside (light 's a but dim for reading), I imagined that this guy was a divorcee. His wife ran off with another man, his best friend, maybe, that's why he's so solemn and sad.

And for the first 3 lessons, he came alone, holding his frail little baby girl's hands and looking away so full of thoughts. Well, imagien my suprise when he turned up Tuesday night with none other than his wife. At least I think she was. But they didn't hold hands, or anything like that. In fact on the last few minutes, both of them were sitting side by side, each curled their legs AWAY from each other. AHA!

Now MysteriousGuy #2. I know his name, I know where he lives and he knows I'm amrried with 4 kids, especially when I brought Ariz to him last night for his fever. Not so mysterious but triggered MrGart's jealousy. MrGart didn't know that while I was in the consultation room, I found out that he lives in BJ, he rarely goes out, he's attached to Hospital K1ang. He's drop dead gorgoues I can you that! So, when I was very friendly-ish bid him Goodnight before we left the clinic, MrGart launched into his "oo dulu kata I hensem, dah boroi sikit, mulalah tu".

And then the kids joined in.

"Mummy ada boyfriend baru ke?"

"Nanti Mummy kawin dengan Dr R, Daddy pulak jadi doctor" - Adani's jibe.

And a whole lot of boyfriends talks.

Hmmmmmm .. Ooohh I almost forgot.

These love-leh cuppies are called the Black-Bottomed Cupcakes a.k.a Bontot Hitam. Ha ha ha ah ha! Sorry babes, I just couldn't help myself. It's chocolate at the butts and creamcheese topping on top. Bontot Hitam .. ka ka ka ak!

Baked these last night in gratitute to Norlizma, Amin, ZulMN, Day, Mosh, Hez, Haiza, Aini and a few other who I frantically managed to pester to find ONE lousy but super-important 1998 letter which finally miraculously turned up. PHEW!

2 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Anonymous said...

nampaknya kita ada satu lagi persamaan besides our love of bread huhuhu. looking is harmless right.

-spinah me not-

ninuk said...

aku rasa anak aku demam jugak malam ni, kl1n1k mana tu ? eh doktor @ kl1n1k beejay di d'pangk1n tu ke ?