Wedding Cookies for RotiNina

Monday, July 21, 2008

Heat sealed and bagged with twirly pink ribbons for effect.
Dots and Pink Ribbons Wedding Dress
Monogram Hearts. It's A & F. I did the & for half and then ditched it as I think A F looks just nice.

Wedding Dress - The Swirl Design.

Rotinina requested that I make wedding cookies for her sister's wedding this Sunday. I was initially apprehensive since wedding are elaborate affairs and I kinda hate to mess things up. But today, looking at them. I think they're alright. In fact, I'm so proud of my myself. Come on people. Clap ! Clap! Clap!

Roti wanted wedding dresses, panties, bras and tiered cakes. Maybe hearts too, though she felt hearts were corny and tacky.

Obviously, for Malay weddings, the panties and bras were quickly chucked out. Just the tiered cakes, dresses and hearts. Monogram, I told her.

But, my tiered cake cookie cutter acted up and I ended up making 28 pieces of the wedding dresses in 2 different designs. First the swirl and the second the dots. Then I made 23 of the monogram hearts. Then I ran our of fondant. Sheesh!

My first time using fondant on cookies. They look clean, exquisite and just divine. Royal icing kinda suck or I'm juts lousy at it. I can never thin it enough or too much and it takes foever to dry up. Hmm. I think I may stick to this.

I really hope Roti likes it.


5 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mosh said...

divine indeed. apasal dia tak komen lagi kat sini?

Gartblue said...

she's probably looking for me elsewhere .. like where is roti?

rotidua said...

eh what happen to my comment??

Ummu Layth said...

dah businesswoman ke nih??

very nice looking. i wonder how they taste *trying to imagine*

famyGirl said...

i am not worthy...