Pierced and Filled

Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend was very hectic for us.

Saturday morning saw me blitzing to complete the cuppies and by mid afternoon, I felt very content. Was supposed to meet up with MissKLSentral and Lollies for a chat at MissKLSentral's house and then sit by the pool watching the kids splash about. But filial duty beckons.

Mak Ndak's doing a kenduri doa selamat for Azimah's going off to Medan for her medicine study, Pak Ndak's well after the 8 stitches upon hitting a glass door and Azfar's wedding two weeks ago. It was more party makan-makan to me. Had Nobita's Imran & Annissa with us cos Nobita coulnd't make it. Noisy car with 6 kids.

Anyway. We ate laksa, soto, pulut kuning and about bucketful of durians. APparently Pak Teh bought them at RM1 each. Dang! Tis the season alright.


Insisted that MrGart accompany me to the Pasar Tani since I got sick of making excuses why my lazy hubby never accompanies me to the market whenever I meet friends and neigbours there ,which is like every few steps.

But instead of MrGart, all 3 girls were up too and off we all went. Minus Ariz.

Coming home, by noon, we're off to the friendly neighbourhood dentist. Aliya has 3 loose tooth that bugged her bad enough that she offered to go see the dentist. She needed to have 2 pf teh teeth pulled out, one of them molar but after the first extraction, she got cold feet and made a promise to come back next week for the other one. Hmms!

Adani has a small caries on the molar which needed a filling and the dentist recommended a jab to numb the drilling trauma. I said yes and once it was all done, Adani was smiling away. With a "gemuk pipi", she said. That was so brave of her.

Ayisha for once, has no problems with her teeth. It's just the in the next few weeks, she needs to have her temporary pink-filling replaced with prolly a coloured filling permanently. Hmms! Yay!

Treats time.

We went to Tesco and the PohKong and got all three girls' ear lobes pierced. But just 5 lobes instead of 6 cos Aliya's left lobe is already pierced. For the record, we've been here 3 times.

FIrst, when Aliya was 7. Cold feet and tears. Out we went.

Second try. Aliya was 8 and Asha was 6. All went well except that they wore a cheap earring one day and all 4 ear lobes flared up and pus-ed out and closed out. In fact, we had one incident when Asha's ballooning with pus earlobe in a clinic, screaming bloody murder when we had that cleaned out. Sheesh! Some girls never learn!

Third try. I thught Aliya & Asha learnt a hard lesson. Except that this time around, Adani was doing the push-overs. All because a certain Arania friend has hers pierced. Peer pressure. Since they were really good at the dentist, I thought, hmm bagi je la.

So, there. All girls are now eyeing fancy earrings and every now and then flips back their hair to admire themselves. GIRLS !!!

3 growls by fellow growlers ...:

butterflutter said...

uhhh...ohhh...the piercing part. My 2 girls dah berbulan asking for it. Maybe this weekend lah. At poh kong ada ya. How much they cost?

zan said...

ouchhh sakitnyaaa! do u apply any ointment on the earlobes?

teringat dulu2 mak letak minyak kelapa hahah..tapi sekejap jer baik :)

Gartblue said...

butterflutter .. RM15 per person, the piercing and the studs .. okayla .. the first time we did it at Habis Jewel .. same price bt think they have age limit of 7 years.

zan .. err not yet. kena ke ? but the girls never complain. err .. u jangan buat I gabra zan ..