Busy As A Bee, Though The Size of An Elephant

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I've been terribly, terribly busy with work, baking and more work lately.

I haven't been able to blog as frequently as I wish to.

Aliya & Asha have started to work feverishly at night time. With a lot of ...

"Are you working in your room?"
"Asha .. where are you?"
"Aliya .. stay in your seat and finish that sheet!"
"Ariz .. stay out of that room"
"Adani .. stop pinching off Asha's eraser"

He he he .. Imagine saying all those with a voice about 20 notches higher in decibels. Ha ha ha. I am mean.

Anyway, work-wise. I've now eh, on August 1st onwards will now report to a new boss in a new unit, albeit in the same department. It's called Scheduling Operations i.e. lots of scheduling and lots of operations and plenty of simulations in between. I do none of the above. I'm officially the fuel girl. Anything, everything that is flammable but only those which is good to generate power comes under me. Ha ha ha! I'd better fix my fuse and and not short it that often, lest I'd explode! Bad joke, I know. *sulk*

It's different. There are different people. They are uhmm very straight people in my new unit. It's almost a culture shock to me. I'd like to think of myself as street-smart. I'd like to think of myself as as well-rounded (not girth!) , current and aware person. I'd also love to think myself highly intellectual, but at the same time, hip enough and mostly an awesome colourful person.

Well, if I think I'm all those, the new unit sure thinks I'm just a person. I think I'll start my coloring soon enough.

Anyway, I'm glad to have moved on. I'm actually very grateful for the direction of my career. Alhamdulillah. Allah is great and He gives so much to me. ALhamdulillah. I've achieved what I wanted to achieve, never money-wise, but satisfaction. I've never been happier than this at work. Poeple see me running around the place, sometimes frantically, sometimes lersurely, sometimes I'm skipping with joy and sometimes swearing and cussing but do not be alarmed. I am content. I am happy. I just am expressive.

Ah well. Work beckons. Tara ..

9 growls by fellow growlers ...:

screw said...

babe, reporting to brader hish now eh? you're the squarepeg among the roundholes in the scheduling group haha

Gartblue said...

screw .. defnitely a square peg there .. they are ... uhmmmm different .. i feel like an outlaw. I prolly am, right?

mommy@lif said...

i believe those good qualities in you gart.. though we never cross path.. nway good luck with the new dept!

i, on the other hand, still fine-tuning and reanalyzing what i want career-wise..tee hee

zan said...

baking?? err hokeh (after scrolling down your blog) hingatkan baking another ariz hahaha...

ohh well..all the best! if you're content, you can go extra mile...boleh extend itu retirement :)

btw, happy belated birthday!

p/s: ingatkan kat wordpress :P

screw said...

kalau aku boleh diconsider as a rebel and a non-conformist, inikan pulak you babe. the queen mother for the rebel alliance :D

Gartblue said...

mommyalif .. *kembang semangkuk* .. ish you ni .. he he he ..

zan .. ler .. patutla senyap je kat sini, u guys were over there ke ? baking another ariz? OH TIDAKKKK!!! I dunno how you come with 2 boys, the only one I have is seriously testing my patience ..grrrr .. lagi di marah, lagi di-superhero-kan kita .. geramnya!!

screw .. what? don't la be ike that .. if I were the queen, you must be the king .. he he he ..

screw said...

long live the king! the king now lives in temasek! haha

Gartblue said...

he he he .. may you reign peacefully over in the lioncity .. I take charge in the bolehland ..

Gartblue said...

he he he .. may you reign peacefully over in the lioncity .. I take charge in the bolehland ..