The Ones That I Love

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I haven't written much about these lot lately.

Really am not sure why. Maybe I was busy with work. Maybe the new baking career was taking too much of my time.

Sut since I've moved here for good, I think it's high time, I get back to my main reason why I blog. My children. Aliya, Ayisha, Adani & Ariz.

Aliya's in Standard 4 now. She's really slender and tall with shoe size the same as me. Today she asked me what's lesb1an and why are people gay. *pops eyes*. Kids learn too fast too much these days.

Ayisha is pretty much ironed out these days. She doesn't throw THAT much drama anymore. Maybe like once a week. Yikes.

Adani is reading now. She'll be 5 in October. An avid reader. An eager reader. Constantly asking me to read her anything and everything at all times. A pain she can be sometimes, but it sure is encouraging.

Ariz is a real B-O-Y! I never knew the real meaning of the word boisterous until Ariz turned 3. He's a handful. At this moment, he's screaming his head off and chasing over his sisters. Ayisha has cried once. Adani twice, just tonight. He throws stuff at the girls. He pulls their hair. He grabs their stuff and he does everything that he does will irk the sisters tremendously.

He also is a chatty little boy these days. He's still crazy on Ben10, wearing cheap Ben10 t-shirts day in and day out, wearing the Omnitrix on his arms all the time. He watched the Ben10 episodes on TV very obsessedly and he's plays the Ben10 game on his PSP very well too. MrGart is only too happy to help him. Boys and gadgets!

Oh and he says the darnest things too. Favourite unlikely phrases from his moyth these days are "Yam tul"! for "geram betul!" and "So?" to which I feel like melepuk this little kiddo.

But at bedtimes, he gets really soppy and sweet and repeatedly telling me "I love you Mummy", he just melts me. Then he asks to nurse. Arghhh!!

8 growls by fellow growlers ...:

che combi said...

eh, i thot i have this blog subscribed in my google reader. nway, im gonna miss u and everyone else too. keep writing k.. i'll be reading.

see u at the wedding.. make sure u come la. =p

Gart the Blue said...

combi dear ..

well .. I was here then, lepas tu went back over to efx2blogs .. and I think I'll stay here, insyaallah ..

wedding .. insyallah .. *bestnyer nak makan nasi minyak*

mamarawks said...

Yam tul!! hehhee... cute.. I can imagine ariz says that! hahhaha

Anonymous said...

heh.. what wedding?

Gart the Blue said...

mamarawks .. mula-mula kiut, lepas tu .. eee nyampahnye aku .. sikit-sikit "yam tul" .. lepas tu "tak nak kawan mummy" ... grrrrr !!

screw .. hmm combi nak kawen. pssst combi, invitation belum hantar ker .. ataupun virtual ?

Anonymous said...

oh che combi.. aku tak dijemput ke? hehe..

wait till the boy is 6 and you have a bigger headache. i got a 6 and a 3 at home. sekarang ni ibu diorang la melayan on weekdays heheh

Gart the Blue said...

arghhhh .. what do you mean? don't boys get BETTER as they age?


Intan Saleh said...

aj, belum send out formal invitation lagi.

sampai masanya saya akan umumkan.. heh!