Birthday At Bandung

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

efx2 is probably dead.

It's alright really cos after Elisa migrated back to blogspot, I had hunches that I should do too.


I turned ehem .. 35 on Monday, 14th July 2008. France's independence day and mine too. We i.e. me and MrGart, uncharacteristically hopped on a plane to Bandung, leaving the kids with my mom and the care of Andes, the helper. Never have we done this before, but we figured, Ariz is almost 4 and surely this will not damage him.

So, we arrived to smoky and cool Bandung. Shopped till I dropped. Spent many millions. Rupiahs, mind you! And ate not great food there. A great cuddling trip since full-fledged honeymoon was marred by a red flag which ain't receding. He he he!

So, I am 35. Feel no different whatsoever. Tell me, why do I feel like I was 6, 10, 12, 15, 21, 25, 29 and 34 when I'm supposed to feel 35?

10 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mosh said...

happy birthday again gartie. you sure you're feeling a bit tight on the waist or butt? eheheheh

Gartblue said...

awwww ... mosh .. terluka hati ku ..

nope. not tight at the thigh nor the waist, just the wallet. he he. aren't we all?

OndeOnde said...

wah wah wah..frolicking di bandung yah!


PSSSSST..raya ni pakai kebaya bandung kot? *wink

Lollies said...

you feel like 6? betul ke ni? itu sudah hampir dengan haziq tu. he he

waahh berjalan jauh tu. best best

screwboy said...

happy belated birthday, babe!

wait. did i read a tight waist or butt somewhere?? wuhooo

Gartblue said...

OO .. we all must try this. BTW, that's our first time ever going away on non-work trips TOGETHER.

Was worried about the kids but they turned out alright. He he he. U shud try these too .. rekindle old flame, I'd say!

screw .. eleh, sama saje kita ..
lollies .. ciss! haah ler . sama dengan haziq .. aku confuse!

butterflutter said...

Wahh happy birthday ms gart.
Bestnyer Bandung...but nak buat camna 10th anniversary masa puasa.

I am so going to do like time I am just going to leave the children for a short break.

mommy@lif said...

oh i love this entry... happy belated 35th bday dear!!!

and pls write about your bandung trip, where to shop esp. sharing is caring!!! he he

cherry said...

happy besday !
lain kali bagi tau nak tinggal budak2 tu dan "elope" .
kita pergi 2 couple, biar je bebudak tu ngan bibik-bibik kita ... he he he


ClipperSeep said...

ape punya pendek cerita!!

i wanna know where you shopped? what u bought? paste some pix of what you bought here la...

aiseey.. ini punya pendek tarak mau baca ....