Devil's Food Cupcakes

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Azen! I won't try to count what's your age now, for fear of panic attacks and migrain attacks too. But I sure hope you had a great one.

I should've blogged about it on the 18th July, but a lot of things happened. Anyways.

I've experimented with a few chocolate cupcake recipes. The one by Anna Olson featured on Sugar were really nice too. But these ones have got to be the BEST!

Got this from ZoeBakes and it's just the best! The cuppies were really moist and remained soft even the day after.

I chose to make the Cream Cheese topping to contrast the dark dark cupcakes and also I thought the tang of the cream cheese would blend with the smoothness and chocolatey-ness of the cupcakes. I was not dissapointed.


Azen was in Tokyo when I called to arrange for a send-off. He apparently had a jolly time in a lounge in Tokyo airport, something to do with automated toilet. Go figure! So, the gals in the office had the pleasure of more cupcakes.


5 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mamarawks said...

kat sini rupanya.. i thought u kat wordpress..

waahhh new venture berkembang mekar... i loike those cuppies and cookiess... very nice....

BTW, happy belated birthday!

Gartblue said...

mamarawks .. he he he .. tak sempat lak nak canang my new whereabouts .. he he he .. you're at wordpress ke ?

thanks babe ..

cherry said...

dah boleh order ke ?
nak order ... ambik sendiri pun tak pe.

cherry said...

dah boleh order ke ?
nak order ... ambik sendiri pun tak pe.


Gart the Blue said...

ninuk ..

can order .. kecik tapak tangan, satu blogspot I tadahkan..