Here In My Home

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm calling this home from today onwards.

Had a noisy, scream-y, very-melancholic and great lunch with MoshJantan, Lollies and MissKLSentral today and Mosh lamented that no one updates their blogs anymore.

I think this is either people have moved or people have just given up on efx2blogs. Some have packed up their bags and set up homes elsewhere under new names. Some have returned to their previous homes. But it's kinda had to get back to such feelings of being a family again.

I miss the contant banter of comments from Rotidua, elisa, lollies, mamarawlks, mommyalif, diah, bear, butterflutter, lazydaisy, olab, ondeonde, screw, futuredoc, checombi and many others who have enlightened my life with their insights. I miss them.

Here, my comments remained in single digits. Maybe people don't know I'm here. Maybe they've stopped looking.

I hope I find them soon. I miss you all.

Welcome to my new home. This is where I think I'll be from now on. Especially with this new layout.

I feel so womanly.

I feel so motherly.

I feel so lover-ly.

I feel me.

I think this is my place.

7 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Anonymous said...

he he he i feel so loverly i like that statement.

they will find you, no worries, semua dok pindah randah due to chaos in efx2 now.

but it's quieter yes, i miss the banterings as well.


screwboy said...

ye lah babe, i know you're missing me :P

mamarawks said...

that's such an awe statement....

so sweet..!

mosh said...

wei salah link la on mine. hmmm no wonder you've never commented on mine :p

so you won't be updating efx2blogs anymore?

Gart the Blue said...

hey nonah! haven't heard from you in a while. so, where are you homed in now?

screw .. yeah! like am going buts with missing you already.

mamarakws .. *hugs* .. i love to write .. but I love the people more, I guess.

alsey ! ye ke? ciss! nope on efx2blogs. hey babe .. look at my new layout!

BDP said...

we all here.. dont worry will comment all d time... heheh... kita orang pun rindu berkomen2.. :P

butterflutter said...

Love your new layout gart. Tee..hee..hee terharu kita baca.