You Can't Blame Me

Thursday, August 20, 2009

For feeling mighty suspicious if you read this on your tall, dark and handsome, not to mention sexy hubby's phone ..

"Abg nampak sangat faham"

Dah la nombor asing, xde nama and it was sent at 3:47pm and is that word read Abg?? WTF?? Faham? Faham what? What am I missing here ?

I threw patience and understanding out the window and brewed a mighty storm. I vividly remember I threw the phone down after I shoved it to him with an ashen face. I actually must have looked like Gollem in LOTR, or better still, the Ice Queen in Narnia, when she realised Aslan has assembled his army to fight her and that spring has come and melted the winter away.

I digressed.

Well, to make matters lagi kelakar or even more suspicious, MrGart couldn't remember who it was, muttering something about a meeting and he was nodding off and that's about it, one of his colleagues.

Storms brewing still.

The next day, he called me from his office with the background buzzing of office talks and he said that he remembered what it was now.

Apparently that was a long audit session and he slept and that, that rather DAFT person sent that message sarcastically to say that, his nodding meant that he understood.


I get that. But what still annoys me like mad is that what business does one have in a professional office environment to be calling anyone, let alone someone's husband Abang? I mean, it's not like that is an environment where you should be calling anyone, for that matter, Abang.

I feel like going over and ketuk that person's head for sending out that message to MrGart. I ain't KillKillDieDie but any sane person would feel exactly how I feel.

So, to you out there, for you own safety, think before you do something stupid like this because I ain't standing by watching this unfold and I will put a stop to this, even if I have to pull a lot of strings. I will.

*bunyi macam threat, tak?*

*lipat sleeve tangan, flex muscles, checks knucles, practises punching*

17 growls by fellow growlers ...:

theotheraj said...

can i get your swift when he buys you a nicer car?

zan said...

woooo..garang giler..takutlah!!!

practise jgn tak practise *lariiiii*

rotidua said...

ekekekekek dan-dan aku tanya firhad ada org panggil dia abang tak.

makcik, if you need a company to serang the other side, i'll be here. tell me where, when... anytime babe.

Anonymous said...

Hi..i'm ur silent reader...kelakar gila u ni but i'll be doing the same thing if it happened to me. Nowadays we can never take things like this for granted!

butterflutter said...

tee..hee..hee...dr blog elisa pegi ke sini membuatkan I tergelak besar ha..ha..ha...

Sabar gart...sabar...ada peluang suruh mr gart tunjuk orgnya ya

Gartblue said...

screw ... heh! try again babe. persistent, aren't u?

zan ... kakaka .. last time I checked by biceps, ain't that garang .. yikes!

rotidua .. so, what did he say ? and exactly how would you ne able to help me serang that person with your silim-melim body ? kalau aku ni layakla jugak, susah-susah, aku duduk aje atas dia ..

*kena ajak mosh jtn ni, if the need ever arises, imagining 2 very slim girls with a hefty-bouncer-like moshi*

Gartblue said...

CikAnon .. babe .. macamana I boleh jadi kelakar, I meant to be brutal tu ? hehehehe ...

butterflutter .. itula pasal kan .. i read elisa's post and begitu lovey-dovey, and then I had to write this la kan .. dusyum!

screw said...

heh i'm sure moshi really is imagining him with 2 very slim girls...

mosh said...

patutla la tersedak2. gart and roti? they would be bouncier than i'd be

rotidua said...

aku kalau pekik, macam halilintar babe. Bley jatuh jantung budak malang tu. Bley percaya ke nak panggil Pinkman tuh?

Anyway, MrGart if you're reading this, please check your phone next time. Delete la apa2 yang patut.

*Peace yo*

Gartblue said...

screw .. aku kalau tidak nak include you in the killkilldiedie party, but aku takut kau hantar your MD aje .. sure pengsan!

mosh .. hellewww!!

roti .. halilintar ? foooh perkataan klasik tu .. kan? i think kita tukar bawak screw aje la .. takut karang bawak pinkman, nanti awek tu berkenan pulak, nanti kena pulak bersosial dengan dia .. pinkman kan pandai ayat aweks !

elisataufik said...

kenapa ek, kalau orang panggil kita 'kakak', kita relek aje, tapi kalau orang panggil husband kita 'abang' kita offended? *lol*
Hm.. maybe that's why I dont call Taufik 'abang'.. to avoid the loving connotation.
Kalau ada orang sms kat Taufik with 'Sayang', memanglah kena dusyum jugak!

Gartblue said...

elisa .. true true true .. ada loving connotation .. but this morning Mosh conveyed a message from his wife, that .. "that's how it feels like when someone calls your hubby, DEAR!"

hmmmm ...

theotheraj said...

my MD?

heh moshi's wife meant that for you? heheh

MissKLSentral said...

Babe...sungguh garang dikau. Never thot you're the kisah type....considering the babes and dears you use often enough. ;)
Then again...."abang"????? Aiyo, too much, too much. Must check out the awek. He,he

Gartblue said...

screw ... your MD? oh tidakk!! I know .. I felt like a tamparan hebat *debush*

missKLSentral .. "abang" babe, sapa tak mengamuk!

Lazydaisy said...

go go babe
i support you
and i know if i definitely in your shoes i will do that too, or lagi teruk
*evil mode is on*