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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It ends. It's been promised that way.

Dah lama pulak tak ber-blog. Dah nak bersarang dah blog ni. Bukannya apa. Mula-mula tu, M-A-L-A-S tapi lepas tu, I realised that ramai dah kawan-kawan bloggers ku yang tak update blogs diorang. So, herd mentality sikit la.

But I figured, I love to write and yesterday, Clipperseep emailed me an excerpt from the post I wrote about Adani's stitched chin, where she cried and I thought, something I write makes little dents in people's life, so I should continue to write. It's a community service, I guess.

*even if the community begs me to stop pun, I WILL write. Hehehehheheh. Evil!*


Too much has happened since August 3rd.

Adani's stitches have come off. She held her fort at Stitch #1. Stitch #2 saw her eyes squinted and lips pursed. Stitch #3 let out a little yelp from her pursed lips. Stitch #4 , 5 and 6 saw the whole of the ER reverberating with her high-pitched screams. Aliya told me thta everyone who waited outside the Treatment Room was shocked to hear her scream THAT loud.

I begged the doc and nurses to let us come back again tomorrow, in tears cos I felt her pain. But alhamdulillah, they were off eventually and we wiped the tears off her pretty face and we hugged for the longest time and she's back anew. Alhamdulillah.

*telinga sedikit berdengung sbb Adani jerit tepi telinga ku*

I had a telling off from Mak. Not sometthing I'd like to elaborate here. But it hurt nevertheless. I've gone passed it to see the merits of that. I shall abide.

Ariz, we realised is such a talker these days. He yaks and he growls and he grrs and he screams and he shouts. Most of the time to his Autobots and Decepticons and his batallion of lions and tigers and goats and toy soldiers. Other time for everyone else to change the channel to his fav Cartoon Network. But he's still a little pelat. Oyang (orang) and mayah (marah) are still the order of the day.

Ayisha has got me worried sick when she was feverish but she's all better now. We've stocked up on surgical masks but one day, she told me that hers was soiled when she sneezed snoot into it, and she din't bring a spare one. *sigh*

Aliya has 41 friends on her MySpace. *geleng kepala* And most of the time if she's standing still, she'd be shuffling or doing the Miley Cryus' dance steps. *pening* Now all the girls and the little boy shuffle whenever they find themselves standing up.

MrGart has been questioned by me and been given dirty, murderous look by me when I found a suspicious text on his phone. *I'm still watching you*

And me, I'm preparing myself, emotionally and mentally for Ramadhan. Lollies gave a booklet of lecture series of Ramadhan and I thought that was exactly what I needed. *muahs*

Now, going back to the title. This year has been a very sad and sorrowful year since I've received news of so many of us who lost their fathers, brothers and friends.

It started with Naimah's father, then Zul passed away, then Azizan's father and Khai's brother. Not to mention Michael Jackson, Yasmin Ahmad and the late Ustaz Asri. My mom told me of my sister-in-law's brother who collapsed and died. And last Sunday, Haiza lost her father who left so swiftly. And last Friday, I received news of Rashidi, who in 1999, started work at our office and he never failed to greet me, everytime he saw me, passed away at the age of 29, leaving behind a wife who's due to give birth to their very first child this week. And I'm sure there were so many others.

Deaths are harrowing, but they serve as a reminder to us all. A little kiamat to us, to remind us that our time is short and it's not ours to begin with. Start with the end. Death. We all will. Yang sudah pergi, kita doakan Allah permudahkan perjalanan. Kita nanti, bagaimana pula? That's what my Harfiyah Ustaz says to us, everytime he hears of a death.


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theotheraj said...

dah la lama tak update. sekali update, grim mood..


Gartblue said...

mana ada grim ... that's YOU!

zan said...

yep..death certainly is a little kiamat..a very good reminder on our readiness.

why are all these kids shuffle anak sedara to..std 5 and 6..trend masa kini?

mama pasha said...

rinduuuuu... :)

Gartblue said...

zan .. i think it's the trend la babe .. even at BJ carnival, ada 2 shuffle competition.

mama pasha .. hahah .. i alwayss keep uptodate with your FB status ..

Anonymous said...

I did not know Naimah's and Azizan's dads passed away also until I read your entry although I meet them almost everyday at the docket...about reading messages on mobiles, my policy is very simple from day one. Read only what is intended for you :-)


rotidua said...

you *found* a suspicious text in his mobile.