Ramadhan Beckons

Monday, August 24, 2009

Gambar hanyala hiasan. Lil' Garties jakun tengok fountain kat Hospital Ampang, nampak sangat kat rumah tak ada. BTW, avoid hospitals at all costs, these days.

It's Day 3 today.

And suprisingly, the Gart's household stayed at home the whole of the weekend. Wow! The only places we went to were the bazaar ramadan at Bkt Jelutong to get some air or some kuihs or some rendang for sahur and of course the Pasar Tani for replenishing the depleting haiwans and dauns and the masjid for tarawih prayers.

Partly this was because I wanted to hop over to Mak's for buka puasa only to be told that my younger sis, Eni and family were at her inlaws in Tganu and that maybe next time lah. Frust giler! Kena masak sendiri.

I vow to cook something less complicated this Ramadan to free more time for me to do other things. Like I masak canggih sangat la all these Ramadans. Hehe!

And I think we can make it to masjid every night since we're not looking at many buka puasa dos elsewhere, insyallah. The kids too have been cooperative.

Aliya and Ayisha prayed with me through to 8 rakaat of Tarawih. Last night because there was a kuliah, they even did the witir jamaah. Although I kept telling Ayisha to try to keep still in solat and not sway or look around or even raising both hands to close her mouth when she sneezes or tucking in her wild hair. Haish!

We've got a good spot at the wakaf, if we get there early. A good place that Ariz can find me without disturbing too many people and I can give him my chilling stare if I find him throwing stones or talking too loudly or running around. He makes friends easily and always can be found a band of boys that short. Adani, meanwhile sticks to her girlfriends and Jehan comes up tops.

MrGart told me that on the first night, Ariz stayed through the Isya' and only disappeared just before Tarawih started. Last night, he bolted at the 2nd rakaat Isya'. Adani was obedient enough to ask me if she could be let off and play and I usually say yes. Rather than having her tergeliat-geliat and tergedik-gedik kat situ.


This Ramadan like most Ramadans, the temptation is not always the food or the drink. It's always the temper. I've gone over the bridge a few times and it's only Day 3. Sigh! I can only improve, insyallah.

A little snag this year. Our office canteen will be closed for renovation for 3 months.

Good, cos we'll be having a brand, spankingly new canteen soon.

Bad because, kat mana nak beli foodie for buka puasa. I don't like the bazaar Ramadan too much since I think they're way too pricey but I don't have enough time to cook properly when I get home. So, the solution is to buy a lauk or two and a sejenis kuih or two, at a reasonable price from people whom I know and supplement with a main dish I will cook at home.

So, canteen tutup. So how now brown cow ?
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6 growls by fellow growlers ...:

rotidua said...

try mangkuktingkat.com

i haven't tapi bebudak ofis ni macam ramai je pakai their service.

theotheraj said...

frust kena masak sendiri eh? haha

heh that canteen really needed a good makeover.. kasi hip and happening sikit. cliff-edgde tu dah bagus dah view, if you consider bumbung workshop kat bawah as a good view haha

Gartblue said...

roti .. hish . dah banyak dah .. tapi kadang-kadang the lauks can be alittle unfriendly to kiddos .. tapi yay! kaknor-the-best-canteen-stall dah bukak stall makeshift tepi kantin!

screw .. makeover ? they need an extreme makeover la .. with grisly surgeries ..

zan said...

maid u takleh masak simple2 ker?n u cook the main one?

my nael said "tak nak sembahyang terawih sebab lama sangat, sembahyang jumaat takpe" *duh*

Gartblue said...

zan .. maid I masak mmg gagal .. dah 7 tahun, masak kicap pun rasa hambar giler ..

boleh pilih ye Nael ?

mosh said...

tak sempat ke masak? by the time sampai rumah only 5:30 je?