Musang Oh Musang

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Suffice to say, my office is a WRECK ! A sick building.

And what could be worse is that, it's infested with rodents, in all manners, flying, crawling and balancing.

Let me count them all, just to sure that we qualify for a Petting Zoo criteria and maybe we should start charging fees too.

Cockroaches. Hmmm dah beranak-pinak dah. Tak kuasa nak kira.

Rats. One died in Bobby's room next to mine and it reeked to no end. One's been ransacking the pantry and I'm sure it's like the Ratatuoille, you see one, there's a whole clan somewhere.

About 2 weeks ago, we had a swarm of langaus in the office. Not the fast-evading lalats. These are at least 3 times the size of lalats and they are heavy and rather dumb too. We spent one morning swatting these and they're mighty easy to swat. For some or another, although there were everywhere in my department, at the height of it, there seemed to me significantly more in my room. *shudder*

I freaked out. We closed the door and sprayed ridsect, by the bottle. And from the window, we all stood and watched them dropped dead. And shortly after, a band of cockcroaches came out dizzy and dead too. Sigh!

I came the next day with gloves and dettol and literally scrubbed the room down. It smelled like a hospital for the whole day.

Langaus don't appear if nothing's dead. And the last time the rat died, there werent' any. So, I said, someone must've died, maybe the AKP assesors. Heh! But there was no smell. But we secretly thought and talked aloud too about the musang's family that's been plagueing the building.

Gina thought it died somewhere. By end of the week, the mom or dad, came to Gina's place and shredded some papers under her table. Pee-Pee-A ke? Ni musti musang spy aI-Pee-Pee. Hehehe.

Anyhow, after a trip to kerteh, laden with keropok of all manners and shapes, Shabbir left his at the office, only to find the next morning, that it has been eaten by the musang. Fina spoke about her apple which cikmus ate and the pear which he left teethmarks on. Gina spoke too about seeing a long bushy tail balancing itself on the gypsum cubicles tops. *naik bulu roma*

So, this morning we were shocked to come to the office to the sight of a musang in a trap. The building maintenance guys fixed a trap, a specially ordered trap since these musangs are pretty nasty. And it's the anak that was caught since it's only about the size of agrown cat. *shudder* Apparently mak bapak dia lagi besar and cantik. Shabbir named it W.Muna since the guy said it's a girl.

It snared and it hissed and it banged its head toward the walls. It chewed the spring of the trap, trying to pry itself loose.

By this time, a small audience was already oohhing and ahhing and arghhhing. Shabbir fed it biscuits and shredded kurma only to have to it hissed and snared back with teeth and fangs, nastily displayed. Brutal giler.

Fina was pleading for the maintenance guys not to kill it. It's kind of pretty too, with stripes of grey on its black body. I thought musangs should be purplish!

Anyhow, like I said. This is a sick building.

6 growls by fellow growlers ...:

zan said...

eeeeee....takutnya!!! seriously menakutkan laa..tak sanggup i tengok itu rodents n cockroaches..euwww..

mmg sah petting zoo lah your office.. lol.

Gartblue said...

so RM 20 per entry okay tak zan ?

elisataufik said...

wow. Where in the world did it come from?
Kesian nya.. it must've been displaced from its home due to all the development.
So what did they do with it? I hope they let it go somewhere safe.

OO said...

my house kat kampung selalu jugak kena attacked by musang ni but never thought here!!!! dalam hutan konkrit!!!

you kena mintak mantenaince people of the bouilding buat thorough scrubbing and hunting!! *shudder*

theotheraj said...

ofis gart tu unofficially a canteen, sebab tu la.
belum campur lagi nate beghuk & nate bewok kat situ..


OO said...

beghok and bewok (the most scariest animal to me!) pong ader!!!! *iyewwwwwww..