Another Bloody Weekend

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Okay. *tarik nafas panjang-panjang*

Remember this ?

And of course that was Bloody Weekend #2. We had Bloody Weekend #1 and #3, all courtesy of Ariz. I'm still trying to pick the all of the pieces of me, after those trips to the ER, bloody-ly.


This was completely unexpected. It was Adani. My princess-y Adani. My Adani.

I was in the shower and I heard shouts and shrieks. I thought it was Ariz so, I continued lathering me with soap. Heh! Then MrGart knocked on the door rather urgently and I came out to the sight of a wet and bloody Adani with a towel on her mouth. Bloood was trickling down her body. Then I saw the gaping wound right under her chin.

Yikes! It was GAPING ! This was nothing like what Ariz had. This was like 3 of Ariz's combined into one. It was deeper and longer and I could see the white flesh. I thought I saw bone too.

Well. We rushed to DEMC and luckily GartRed was nearby and she came by too. That helped cos I got instant attention and went straight in and the doctor attended to her immediately. Nepotism? Sue me!

Dr Amarjit cringed and said that I had 2 options. Either stitch her up with LA or she goes under. Going under means a full GA and I was not too keen but right there, there's this boy being stitched up because he fell in a longkang and the way he screamed, the whole of Shah Alam could hear. I decided GA.

But a little later the doc came and said that maybe we should try to stitch her up there, with LA. I kinda agree since Adani has always been very calm and composed. She takes instructions well too. So, yes it was.

She was prepped up and the minute the LA needle went in, she cried and wailed but never moved. I was squirming like a jellyfish. I nearly cried too. Tears were welling. Sungguh mengharukan. I wish I could take away the pain from her. My baby!

GartRed was a jellyfish herself. too Cringing. Good thing Adani was looking up and did not see our aghast and jellyfish-ed faces. It took 2 shots to numb her chin I felt like hitting the doc when I saw the needle under her skin.

Then the stitching. This was my first time and it was the most horrendous thing to have to watch. Especially when the subject was my own.

The short curved needle looked mean. The dark blue thread looked sinister and when the needle jabbed her skin, I felt parts of me died. Adani was numb by this time and I was holding her hands and I asked her to close her eyes and she obediently did so. She was so calm through it all, I was so proud of her.

She had 6 stitches in all to close the cut and once it was all done and plastered, she hopped off the bed and reminded me that I promised her to pierce her other ear and domino's pizzas and a couple other bribes I rattled off in my unnerved state. Yikes!

Last night, when she was sleep and after my Isya', I was a puddle of tears.

The images of brave Adani and her plight came to me emotionally. I was holding my fort so well throughout the day because I wanted her to feel okay and there was enough drama without me disintegrating too . But when all's well, it came to me in a rush. I felt so blessed and thankful for all that's given to us. And I prayed for His mercy and I felt deeply in my heart that He heard my prayers. Tears streamed down my face and I felt really humbled by this.

Rabbi yassir wa la tu'assir ya karim.

p/s The stitches looked fine and dry this afternoon when we changed the dressing and the stitches looked less mean. Am dreading Thursday when the stiches are due to be off. *gulp*

10 growls by fellow growlers ...:

rotidua said...

Astaghfirullah...! what happened?

I cringed too reading this. Terasa nak nangis juga. tsk. Alhamdulillah nothing serious... rasa macam nak hug Adani.. and you too...there there..

theotheraj said...

mana social welfare officer?? tak jaga anak betul2 nih.. tsk tsk tsk..


rilex aaa.. kids, they heal fast.

mama pasha said...

alamak.. 6 jahitan?? panjangnya?? macam mana boleh jatuh ni? i hope adani get well soon.. teringat pulak masa dulu pasha t'jatuh berguling dari 5 anak tangga kena berlari dgn stroller di gi demc then 2 days after that ibu jari kaki dia pula terhempap pc box.. berlari lagi.. sports jantung lah kita... sabar ya mommy.. huuuggsss...

butterflutter said...

Oh my gart...that was scary. Tgk sarah pull out her geraham pun I tak sanggup ni pulak dgn blood segala. I cant even read your entry word by word.
Like roti, terasa nak nangis jugak.

Hugs to Adani & you too.

nae said...


And it wouldn't get any easier no matter how many times it happens. But having gone through it once, made you move faster and able to postpone the breakdown longer.

Hope Adani and mommy get well soon.

Gartblue said...

roti .. hugs? I'll take them by the buckets, please? and thanks for calling last night ya babe .. apparently Adani kata, she was standing on Ariz's shampoo bottle, a Superman. Duh!

screw .. hahah .. the sure heal fast, the mummies aren't that fast, anyways ..

aduh diah .. berturut-turut tu .. kaalu tak fit, memang saje la .. lucky that you live nearby, so senang if emergencies like this. kan?

butterflutter .. *hugs* .. that's the part of becoming a mom, I think. everything bad that happens to other ppl's kids, you feel it. kan ? I cry easily tengok movies kalau ada bebudak ...

nae .. you should know better la kan? bukan baru lagi ke Adam ke yang had his head stitched in the OT? never gets easier ? ouch .. ariz belum naik basikal sendiri lagi .. yikes .. and I'm banking on BJ takde longkang ..

nagai said...

i feel for u too Ina.
Sedih the way you described it. Let alone seeing it first hand.
Just think..20 years forward. These stories are those you will share with ur grand kids.. and u smile.. reminding them not to be mischievous.

Gartblue said...

nagai .. *hugs* .. thanks babe ... and true, 20 years ahead, i'll just show them this and laugh when we look at Adani's scar .. right now, we're still trying to not let the wound get wet.

*hugs again*

zan said...

menakutkan!!! seriau rasa n teary eyed too reading your post.

such a brave girl you have there, Gart and all the best this Thursday :)

elisataufik said...

aiyoh.. even though I've gone through this three times, I still shudder.
my heart goes out for you *hugs*.
But having experienced it myself, rest assured that only the injections sting. After the anesthesia kicks in, you feel nothing.

Please dont mention 'jatuh saham' to her ya ;)